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USBcube |Extended| USBcube |Extended|
USBcube |Extended| from $17.95
The most compact multi-USB adapter   Compact design Charge up to 4 devices, one on each side of the USBcube Diverse models A diverse range of models are available to meet different user needs. Choose between Original and Extended models, with USB type A ports or with USB type C ports. Type-C laptop charging Charge your laptop directly from the cube, without the need of a bulky laptop adapter.  Specifications 10430BK/USACMC No. USB-outlets: 2x USB-A, 2x USB-C USB output: 5V 3A (each 3A Max) Plug type: Type B Cable length: 3ft Cable thickness: 2x0.5mm² Power input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.4A Safety measures: Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection Power: 15w 10429WT/USEUMC No. USB-outlets: 4xUSB USB output: 5V 3A (each 3A Max) Plug type: Type A Cable length: 3ft Cable thickness: 2x0.5mm² Power input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.4A Safety measures: Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protectionPower: 15w
USBcube |Original| USBcube |Original|
USBcube |Original| from $14.95
Compact 4 Ports USB Adapter with Cubic Design   Save space and weight on the go Charge up to four devices, one on each side of the USBcube. You will save a lot of space in your bag or suitcase because you can leave your phone charger and laptop adapter home. USB Type-C laptop chargingCharge your USB-C laptop directly with the cube. No need to bring the original and bulky adapter of your laptop anymore. Specifications No. of USB ports: 2x USB-A + 2x USB-C Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.4A Output: 5V 3A (each 3A Max) Safety measures: Short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection
CoinLamp |DINA| CoinLamp |DINA|
CoinLamp |DINA| $39.95
Awareness Raising Money Saving Lamp   We have become light dependents and without it we would have long, sad and in-officious nights, but we have forgotten that it is a resource that we must pay for and we even misspend. What if a lamp helps us to be aware of the value of light, energy, and money? DINA needs money to activate, coins are the ones who transmit power to let it shine. It is more than just a lamp; it is a different way to light up our consciousness. Energy awarenessCoinLamp helps you to become more aware of your electricity use. Since our climate is changing, it's important to pay attention to the little things that we can do. CoinLamp is a tribute to our planet and supports reducing unnecessary energy usage. Activation by coinsWhen you insert a coin into the slot at the top of the lamp, the lamp lights up. So every time you hear the coin drop, you will become aware of electricity costs. Large and medium sized coinsNot all coins can turn it on. It only works with large and medium size coins, which usually represent the highest denomination in most currencies. Small coins do not manage to make the necessary contact to turn on the light. Save moneyBy switching off the lamp, the coin will drop and you will hear it falling into the body of the lamp. Again, you become aware of the value of light and it saves your money like a piggy bank. Reminding you to live sustainable and be conservative with nature's resources. Specifications DH0131/CLDINA Input port: USB-C Power input: DC 5V 1A Light output: 250lm Color temperature: 3000K Light color: Warm CRI: ≥60 Included: USB cable USB cable plug type: USB type A to C
CandleHolder |LuneDot| CandleHolder |LuneDot|
CandleHolder |LuneDot| $14.95
Modular Refillable Magnetic Endless Candle Illusion LUNEdot is an innovative Dutch design object that brings a new, patented dimension to a classic product, the candle. Through the clever spring system inside the holder and the magnetic base plate, the LUNEdot pushes the candle upwards and keeps the candle in perfect upright position as it burns down. Therefore you always have a tall standing candle as if new, without the risk of falling or dripping. Download manual here. The Endless CandleAs the candle burns down, a spring inside the tube pushes the candle upward to maintain the height of the flame. The candle will always look as if it was just lit. Magnetic baseThe strong magnetic base on the inner tube allows the candle to be stuck onto the metal baseplate or any other metal surface, making it practical and safe. Mix and MatchLUNEdot comes in many different colors and sizes. Mix and match tubes and bases to fit any decor.RefillableLUNEdot fits most standard taper candles. After a candle is burned down, easily refill the tube over and over again! The length of the included candles is 185 mm with a diameter of 16-19 mm. No Drip, No MessBecause the tube keeps the candle vertical and the flame consistent, the candle wax will rarely overflow or drip.Burns longerDue to the magnetic base, the tube and candle always stands perfectly straight allowing you to burn all the candle wax. This results in a longer candle burn up to 50%. Specifications Function: Magnetically sucking Dimensions: 28.7 x 13.8 x 3.2cm
MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Starter Pack / Advanced Pack MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Starter Pack / Advanced Pack
MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Starter Pack / Advanced Pack from $49.95
Modular Magnetic Marble Roller Coaster   MagnetCubes is a totally new modular magnetic building set for creating roller coaster themed marble runs and large structures. This intuitive building system is fun for all ages and can be configured in endless ways. Most of the marble runs include the track and the holes on the same molded pieces, limiting your options for how the pieces can be fitted together. With the modular design of MagnetCubes, you can easily connect multiple structures together. The structure becomes a complex and impressive multi-level design. Build and rebuild whatever you can imagine. You could sit down again and again, with new creations every time. Sets use open cubes with magnets in each corner that easily snap together without the need for special connectors or any prior experience. Simply unpack and build! Features:Effortlessly attach With no glue or connectors needed, MagnetCubes is ready to play right out of the box. Each cube is fully magnetic, so it can be easily attached to other cubes. Simply unpack and build!Build.Rebuild.Combine.Easily connect multiple structures together. The structure becomes a complex and impressive multi-level design. MagnetCubes gives you far more freedom to build a near infinite variety of miniature roller coasters and structures instantly.Infinite design possibilities!With 64 cubes and various action pieces, people will have the ability to build any different tracks by their imagination and logical mind. Great for keeping your mind sharp, limber and most importantly, interested!Build taller and fasterKeep stacking the modular open-ended building blocks together. Be amazed at how easily, quickly and massively tall structures can be made without toppling over.Repeat play: a new toy everydayThanks for the modular and magnetic design, so you can build and separate at ease. Build and rebuild whatever you can imagine. You could sit down again and again, with new creations every time.Play and experiment through hands-on buildingThis interactive track system is a unique way for individuals to learn basic physics, hone their spatial reasoning and logical planning, and develop architectural design skills. It is a fun and dynamic toy for both adults and Youngs. Help relaxRelieve stress by fidgeting with beautiful structures. MagnetCubes help you put all the other life worries out of your mind. You are creating something nice when the pieces are linked together. Make sure you get a regular fix!Let your child's creativity grow!MagnetCubes is a combination of logic game, marble run and STEM toy. This playset is perfect for any young builder looking to develop creativity, improve hand-eye coordination and problem solving with basic physics. It not only keeps the Youngs entertained but also encourages learning at the same time. In no time at all, you will have a skilled architect on your hands.A Perfectly Clear ViewThe cube is built by snuggling 12 translucent pieces into each other. The see-through feature allows you to follow all the actions while you play. With the panels included in the AdvancedPack, you can weave marble tracks in and out of the architectural structures.A great addition to any home Enjoy with family and friends any time! Specifications Magnet: N35 d3mm, 8pcs/cube Cube dimension: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm Cube Material: 70%K-Resin+30%PS Track Material: PS Marble material: Stainless steal
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FoldStand |StandingDesk| FoldStand |StandingDesk|
FoldStand |StandingDesk| $34.95
Foldable Portable Lightweight Laptop Stand   MAGNETIC CLIP Unfold the FoldStand StandingDesk and use it as a presentation board. Thanks to the magnetic effect of the stand, you can put on your presentation, telephone or other items on the stand.EASY TO CARRYFolded up, this beautiful and thin mobile workstation takes up less than an inch of space, making it easy to store in your laptop bag. The stand is not attached to the laptop, making it easy to use for other purposes such as a mobile stand for your presentation.ERGONOMICEnsures a good working posture, both standing and sitting, is easy to use, weighs nothing, is very easy to carry and versatile! Sore shoulders and a tired back are problems that belong to the past with the FoldStand StandingDesk. In one simple movement, you can unfold this mobile workstation and place your laptop on the stand. The StandingDesk can be used in 2 positions, so you can always assume the correct posture to work comfortably. Specifications Material: PU Two Levels Height: First Position 7.8in , Second Position 9.84in 
WeightScale |Smart| WeightScale |Smart|
WeightScale |Smart| $49.95
This sleek looking glass smart weighing scale keeps track of your body fat percentage, BMI, the water content in your body, muscle mass, your bone mass, visceral fat level and register all of these data on your phone via OKOK Healthcare Management app (iOS & Android). Specifications Dimensions: L380mm x W180mm Product weight: 2.42lbs Material: Glass + Plastic Display: 3.2" LCD screen Range: 11 - 396lbs Connectivity: Bluetooth App support: OKOK Healthcare Management app (iOS and Android) Battery: 2 x AAA-batteries (not included) Available Color: Black
PowerCooker |Multi-Use| PowerCooker |Multi-Use|
PowerCooker |Multi-Use| $89.95
 Electric multi-cooker with detachable heating base   Make a complete meal in one cooking cycle. With its integrated touch control panel on the handle, it's easy to operate and switching between different cooking modes. You can prepare almost everything in the PowerCooker: rice, soup, steamed vegetables, cake or even yogurt. Each cooking mode has its preset cooking time for your convenience. While most electric cookers are bulky and heavy, the PowerCooker weights only 2.1kg. The parts are easy to disassemble for cleaning purpose. Weighted lid for sealed pressure cooker effectCook faster and more convenient with PowerCooker. The higher the temperature, the more steam forms in the pot allowing the food to cook faster. Its vent on the lid will release steam to prevent scalding marks inside the pot. Handle with integrated touch controlThe handle has an integrated touch control panel making it convenient to operate. After powering it, the display lights up to show the different cooking options. and adjust the cooking modes. Prepare a variety of mealsYou can prepare almost everything in the PowerCooker: Rice, soup, steamed vegetables, a cake or even your own yogurt. Each cooking mode has its preset cooking time for your convenience. Detachable heating base for cord-free useOnce the meal is cooked you can remove the cooker from the heating base to bring it to the dining table.Easy to clean, with removable partsWhile most electric cookers are bulky and heavy, the PowerCooker is lightweight. The parts are easy to dissamble for cleaning purpose. Simple and compactWith its no-frills design, this cooker fits into any kitchen interior. Specifications Inner pot material: Aluminum alloy Size: 8.4 x 8.3 x 13.07 Weight: 4.6lb Capacity: 2L (1-4 persons) Cable length: 1.2M Rated power: 400W Voltage: 220-240V Rated frequency: 50/60Hz Heating method: Heating plate heating Control method: Microcomputer control Color: White/Grey
FoldStand |Laptop| FoldStand |Laptop|
FoldStand |Laptop| from $14.95
Universal laptop stand with better air flow    FoldStand Laptop big in ease, small in use! The FoldStand Laptop is easy to attach to your laptop, removable and reusable! With the adhesive side you simply stick the FoldStand on the bottom of your laptop. If your laptop has a vent, place the FoldStand under the vent. After you remove the stand, you can use the stand again with the same good adhesion.It’s super easy to use the FoldStand stand; in one second you can open and close it. You won’t have any frustration when packing and unpacking the device because the FoldStand Laptop is attached to your laptop, giving you the same mobility as you are used to. FoldStand has been developed to fold in and out. Unfold the stand for the ideal working height and comfort for a healthy posture behind your desk.With a weight of 65.7 grams and a thickness of 3.04 mm, the FoldStand is barely noticeable on the bottom of your laptop. You could just forget that you are carrying FoldSand with you. With this stand on your laptop, it even fits easily in your laptop sleeve or laptop bag. Thanks to the anti-slip material, your laptop will not slip.The FoldStand Laptop is reusable. Wash it and use it again. The FoldStand’s stainless steel core dissipates heat from your laptop to help cool it down. Specifications Compatible with: All laptops Material: PU Angle: 25° Thickness: 0.2cm
Slug Night Lamp Slug Night Lamp
Slug Night Lamp $29.95
Pinch to turn it On/Off   A FUN WAY TO TURN IT ON/OFFSlug night light turns on when the two “eyes” contact. It is easy to use and creates 2800k uniform non-flickering lights. DIMMABLESimply hold the two “eyes'' together to adjust brightness according to your needs. This bedside lamp shines warm, soothing light to create a safe & comfortable atmosphere and get your toddler sleep deeply throughout the night. 15 MIN TIMERThe light turns off automatically after comforting you or your kids to sleep. Integrated with the latest LED technology, our night light illuminates while saving on energy. STRESS RELIEFHigh quality soft silicone gives pleasantly soft touch and is safe for babies and toddlers, giving them a warm light that leaves fear away. Squeezing and fidgeting with this mood light can help you relax. PORTABLEIt is easy to charge with built-in rechargeable battery. It is a perfect light companion for camping, hiking, sleepover, pillow talk, and social gathering, and a gift for baby showers, Christmas, birthday or anniversary. Specifications (Main) Material: ABS + Silica Gel Energy consumption: 3W Device Power: input 5V/1A Color temperature: 2800k Light color: Warm white Battery capacity: 1200mAh
FoldStand |Phone + Cardholder| FoldStand |Phone + Cardholder|
FoldStand |Phone + Cardholder| from $19.95
Magnetic Flat Foldable Vertical and Horizontal Phone Stand   This multi-task foldable and magnetic attachable phone stand allows you to use your phone in both horizontal or vertical angles, and help you easily grip your phone to your finger at the most comfortable position. The cardholder enables you to take any bank cards or IDs on the go; the attachable string provides convenience for your phone to be with you whenever and where-ever; the magnetic attachable pad helps to secure your phone on any flat surface such as car dashboard, fridge, etc. ENABLE YOUR PHONE TO STAND IN PORTRAIT OR LANDSCAPE POSITIONFold the FoldStand in an angle and it keeps your phone upright vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape) on a flat surface. A GRIP IN YOUR HAND NATURALLYWith a thickness as thin as paper it's barely noticeable on your phone. Put your fingers through the opening of the stand angle to use it as grip in your hand, in a comfortable and natural position. COMPATIBLE TO YOUR NEEDS & REUSABLE MAGNETIC PAD Apply and stick the included magnetic pad to any flat surface (e.g. dashboard of your car, mirror) and attach your phone to it, use it as a phone holder; or stick the FoldStand directly on a metal surface (e.g. side of an oven or on the fridge), make your phone always within reach and compatible to your daily needs; remember both the FoldStand and the magnetic sticky pad are reusable and washable for repeated use!TAKE YOUR CARD WITH YOU: This FoldStand cardholder allows you to have extra space to hold bank card or ID on the go. ATTACHABLE SECURITY STRING CORD INCLUDEDThe string cord included is attachable to your foldstand, which allows you to carry your phone around your neck. Easily attach your string cord by sliding it through the hole in the right bottom corner of the FoldStand. or simply wrap or tie the string cord around your wrist, carry your phone safely in your hand everywhere. Specifications Material: PU, Leather Size: 106 x 65 x 3mm Included: 1x Sticky magnetic pad 1x Silicone lanyard (only with Glow-In-Dark model)
HandWarmer Avocado HandWarmer Avocado
HandWarmer Avocado $29.95
Comforting and Warming Avocado Friend With its ergonomic shape, avocado suits every spot, whether it is your hand, your neck or your belly. Charge it for 1.5 hours to enjoy warmth for three hours. Comfortable on the go, wearing it in your pocket or any place you want to warm up. Or use it at home under a blanket. It is made of aluminum to preserve the heat, and it has an automatic protection function to prevent overheating. To switch on or off simply press the soft silicone avocado pit. Great gift for anyone who loves avocado. SOFT SILICON SURFACE WARM YOUR COLD HANDSAllows you to get warm hands on cold days in a short time. The avocado pit switch made of silicon gel is smooth to the touch. The aluminum housing provides fast and even heat dissipation. HIGHER TEMPERATURE IN A SHORT TIMEAfter powering on, the temperature goes up to 107.6°F within 2 minutes, then it will continue to heat up to 136°F. Its overheating prevention feature will automatically turn off the heating for protection. USB-C RECHARGEABLE Its 4000mAh large capacity lithium battery is rechargeable with USB-C cable for fast charging. AVOCADO PIT IS THE SWITCH The avocado pit is a switch that can be turned ON/OFF by clicking it. When turned ON, the avocado pit will softly bright up. SMALL AND PORTABLEIts hand size makes it possible to take it with you on the go, and enables you to enjoy the warmth conveniently anywhere. It lasts a few hours when fully charged. Specifications Internal Battery: Lithium Polymer batteries included Plug Type: USB-C
PowerLight |Twist| PowerLight |Twist|
PowerLight |Twist| 1 review $29.95
Control your light(s) by rotation   Rotate the light itself to turn ON/OFF and adjust its brightness. With two or more PowerLights, you are able to modular combine them with mutual control. The built-in magnets allow you to attach the light onto metal surfaces or onto the included metal plate to stick anywhere. The light is USB-C chargeable. Features Rotation for steeples dimmingBy rotating (one of) the lamp(s), you can control and dim the light gradually according to your preference.Modular combination with mutual controlWirelessly link 2 or more pieces of the PowerLight |Twist| together and operate them simultaneously.Built-in magnets to attach anywhereIts built-in magnets allow you to attach the lamps anywhere you want. For non-magnetic surfaces an iron plate is included, allowing you to also mount the light on non-magnetic surfaces such as on a window, wall or door. USB-C chargingThanks to the USB-C port, there is no need to replace batteries. You can charge the PowerLight |Twist| via USB-C cable. Specifications Power input: 5V 2.1A Power output: 6W (USB-C) / 4W (Battery) Light distance: 164 feet (without cover) Battery cells: 2000mAh (Li-polymer battery) Remote signal: 2.4GHz Lighting Time: 1.5-36h
FlashLight |Clip| FlashLight |Clip|
FlashLight |Clip| $44.95
Clip and Twist your flashlight anywhere Carry the light sourceThe light source can be removed from the holder and function as an independent flashlight* thanks to its built-in rechargeable 2400 mAh lithium battery.VersatilityPlug in the light source and turn into a night light or table lamp. Take the light source and turn it into a flashlight. Since it has a built-in battery it also doubles as an emergency light when a fire or other emergency occurs.Stepless dimmingYou can adjust to the brightness you want by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds. The FlashLight has a qualita- tive LED-bulb (CREE XM-L2 LED) with a maximal rated brightness of up to 600 lumen. (for reference: a typical LED-headlamp has an output of 100-200 lumen).USB-C power supply, Console light switch via USB-CThanks to its USB-C port you can quickly recharge it without replacing the battery. It will shine for up to two hours at its brightest setting, and up to 72 at its most dim one when not connected to a power supply.*Flashlight is included Specifications Dimensions: L134.7 x W52 x H351mm Charging time: 3 hours Impact resistant: 1 meter Input: 1A LED CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Cool White(6500K) Warm White (3500K) Material: Aluminum Maximum runtime on dimmest setting: 75 hours Non-polarized light: 9 to 600 lumen (1000 max) Rechargeable: 18650 Li-battery, 2400 mAh, 3.6V, 9.36W
USBcable |USB-C to C| 5ft. USBcable |USB-C to C| 5ft.
USBcable |USB-C to C| 5ft. $7.95
Extra Long, Tangle-Free Flat Cable Extend your reach with this minimalistic phone charging cable. With 5ft cable length, you can easily charge your device at a further distance from the power source. Take it with you on-the-go without ever experiencing cable entanglement again, thanks to the cable's flat design. Besides charging your device you can also transfer data to or from the computer with the USBCable USB-C to C. Specifications Cable Length: 5ft Connector Type: Type-C to Type-C Maximum Current: 3.1 Data Transfer: Yes Available Colors: Grey
Levit8 Levit8
Levit8 313 reviews from $23.95
A Flat-Folding Portable Standing Desk    Levit8 is a slim and portable laptop stand. Place your laptop on top and start working away. On-the-go, simply fold it flat and slip it into your bag. Inspired by Origami, LEVIT8 is a closed loop of triangular panels leaning on each other, creating a structure that is able to support more than 20 times its own weight. The traditional bookbinding technique together with a high-performance fabric results in a long-lasting, waterproof and stain resistant Levit8. No parts. No assembly. Seamlessly switch between sitting and standing positions anytime, anywhere. LEVIT8 comes in four sizes with a different color for each size. ErgonomicBy choosing the right size for yourself, LEVIT8 keeps your arms at an ideal resting angle while you use your laptop.Stable and Weight-bearingInspired by Origami, LEVIT8 is a closed loop of triangular panels leaning on each other, which creates a structure that is able to support m​ore than 20 times its own weight. (depending on materials used for final design) Fuss FreeNo parts. No assembly. S​eamlessly switch between sitting and standing positions anytime, anywhere.Slim and LightweightFor true portability and easy storage, LEVIT8 occupies minimal space. Easily slip this table into your shelf or bag when not in use! Durability in CraftsmanshipMarrying the timelessness of the traditional bookbinding technique and a high performance fabric originally fabricated for industrial use, LEVIT8 is long-lasting, waterproof and stain resistant. Sit. Stand. Move. Repeat.Studies have shown that sitting all day makes us less productive and might even shorten our lifespan by increasing the risk of certain diseases even among those who exercise regularly.​Standing all day isn’t the solution, because our bodies are just not built to be still. We’re built to move! Specifications Material Skin: Polyester + PU; Inner: Craft Board Dimensions: S: 9.05 x 9.44 x 9.44 in M: 11.81 x 9.44 x 9.44 in L: 14.17 x 9.44 x 9.44 in XL: 16.14 x 9.44 x 9.44 in Colors: Periwinkle (S), Coral (M), Sesame (L), Sea Color (XL)
SolarCube |SolarPuff| SolarCube |SolarPuff|
SolarCube |SolarPuff| $49.95
 The cubical, portable and waterproof solar light   The award-winning best original origami influenced design of Solight Design's flagship solar light has been recognized on CNBC, TED Talk, Wire Magazine, Fast Company, and Forbes. Elegant • Versatile • Innovative • Portable • Lightweight • Eco-FriendlyThe SolarCube |SolarPuff| is the first of it’s kind; solar-powered and engineered to be collapsible with a self-inflating pull open design, waterproof, portable and lightweight, yet durable even in extreme weather- perfect for the travel, outdoor adventures, camping, backyard patio, home décor or emergency kits.Beautiful bright light is evenly diffused by the recyclable PET sailcloth for a unique, clean, bright white light that’s perfect for any occasion, or bask in the soft, golden, ambient glow that will set the perfect mood.Up to 6-12 hrs of light on full charge Features Take it on the goGreat for the hiker, camper, or just the traveler in general.SolarCube is rugged, portable, waterproof, dustproof, collapsible, lightweight and rechargeable. Have fun on your next travel adventure! Safe for childrenMade from non-toxic materials, making it safe for children. Recyclable and eco-friendly, these solar lanterns are not only beautiful energy saving lights, but will help to keep our planet cleaner for generations to come. Extra light in the darkSolarCube is elegant, versatile and stylish to also bring light in the darkness. Capture the warmth of the sun by day and illuminate your world by night. For the whole family in every occasionSolarCubes are perfect for creating beautiful, soft ambiance around your table, patio, living area or in a child room. There’s a light for everyone and every occasion. Increase a good atmosphere with the SolarCube. Save the environmentIf for example everyone in the United States used a SolarCube for just one hour a day instead of a regular light bulb... it would save over 11 BILLION tons of CO2 emissions annually. Sustainable and for the humanitySolarCube distributes lights in regions of extreme poverty, where people are most vulnerable. Working alongside communities and women in local villages, the company works to create economic opportunities for long-term sustainability For indoors and outdoorsSolarCube keeps a minimum 50% battery charge even after 2 years in storage! Lightweight, compact, collapsible, waterproof and portable. This solar lantern is perfect to use outdoors and also an addition to any emergency kit for at home or in the car. Specifications Dimension: Expanded: 4.3 inch /10.9 cm cube Collapsed: 20.9 x 11.4 x 1.27 cm Material: PVC-free PET Light color: 10 Warm white LEDs Light mode: Low Medium High Flashing Charging time: Fully charged with 8hrs of sunlight Solar Panel: 160mA 5V Waterproof: Yes Weight: 0.11lbs
USBcable |USB-C to Lightning| 5ft.
USBcable |USB-C to Lightning| 5ft. $6.95
Extra Long, Tangle-Free Cable Extend your reach with this minimalistic phone charging cable. With 5ft cable length, you can easily charge your device at a further distance from the power source. Take it with you on-the-go without ever experiencing cable entanglement again, thanks to the cable's flat design. Besides charging your device you can also transfer data to or from the computer with the USBCable USB-C to Lightning. High speed data transferThis cable can connect your device with Lightning connector into any USB-C device for fast charging and safe data transfer.Long bend lifespanMade of Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) it ensures that this extra long cable of 5ft meter will not tangled up and neither will break at the plug connection point.Reversible plugIt does not matter which side of the plugs are up. The reversible plugs eliminates the hassle of finding the correct plug orientation. Specifications Cable Length: 5ft Connector Type: Type-C to Lightning Maximum Current: 2.4 Data Transfer: Yes Available Colors: Grey
LightCube Original |NightLight| LightCube Original |NightLight|
LightCube Original |NightLight| $12.95
Dimmable night light with motion sensor  3-Minute illumination to guide you in the darkLight Cube |Night Light| emits just the right amount of light to guide you in the dark. This convenient night light matches any decor with its neutral color. Bright lightJust press the button in the center and the light will illuminate your room brightly.Press and hold to adjust the brightnessWhen you press and hold the center button, you can adjust the brightness and it will save the latest setting.Automatic on/off with motion detectionWhen it senses an object moving across its field of view (8m/26ft), the light turns on for 3 minutes creating a well lit pathway. Specifications Color temperature: 3000K Lifetime: 20,000h  Light color: Warm White  Light output: 50lm Plug: Type-B Product dimensions: 64 x 64 x 34 mm Rated AC: 110-240V~,; 50/60Hz; 1.2W Sensing distance: 16 - 26ft  Battery: n/a 
DAX Wallet PU DAX Wallet PU
DAX Wallet PU $19.90 $12.95
DAX is the first cascading pull-tab wallet in the world. With a simple pull, watch as your cards cascade neatly in front of you. With a splash of vibrant colors, DAX is not only about functionality, but also about the aesthetic experience! Combining laser-cutting techniques, edges are clean and crisp, creating a modern aesthetic. Constructed from durable and water-repellent high performance fabric, it not only looks great, but also feels amazing in the hand. Specifications Colors: Blue, Black, Red Waterproof: Yes Material: PU Capacity: Up to 6 cards (or 5 cards + cash)
Allocacoc® PowerModule |Cable| 5ft. Allocacoc® PowerModule |Cable| 5ft.
Allocacoc® PowerModule |Cable| 5ft. $4.95
A fully modular and customisable power strip, mix and match the power modules to create a tailored socket solution for your home or workplace. Compatible with both PowerModule |Function| and PowerModule |Socket|. Specifications Voltage: 250V~;16A MAX 3680W Module connection: 3-pin module connector Cord length: 1.5m Available socket types: Type B
FoldingFire |BBQ+Grill| FoldingFire |BBQ+Grill|
FoldingFire |BBQ+Grill| $99.95
Engage everyone in a fun grill experience   The secret of this innovative grill is the super alloy blanket. The woven Fecralloy® blanket withstands high temperature corrosion which makes it durable for long-lasting use. Lift the FoldingFire upward or downward to adjust the height for lower or higher grill temperatures. Height adjustment helps avoid overcooking or charring. The foldable grill can be uninstalled from top of the FoldingFire, turning it into a campfire. It is perfect for those who enjoy campfires as much as BBQ! After use, the Fecralloy® blanket cools down within minutes, providing you the complete grill experience, it is also built for on-the-go as it folds up and can be easily stored in your car, RV, camper, garage, or storage closet. Gather around the grill, eat & chatEveryone can sit around the grill and chat face to face while cooking. The fun never ends; turn the FoldingFire into a cozy and warm fire pit after grilling. Every individual is truly engaged in the grill experience, building stronger connections. Unique metal fiber fabricThe secret of this innovative grill is the super alloy blanket. The woven FeCralloy blanket withstands high temperature corrosion, providing durable and long-lasting use. It is ideal to use as a resistance-heating element. It is soft and can be turned into any shape, making the FoldingFire even more portable. Convert into a fire pitThe foldable grill can be uninstalled from top of the FoldingFire, turning it into a campfire. It is perfect for those who enjoy campfires as much as BBQ! Height adjustment for temperature controlLift the FoldingFire upward or downward to adjust the height for lower or higher grill temperatures. Height adjustment helps avoid overcooking or charring. It retains the tenderness of the meat and remains moist. Grill in a healthier way. Setup and collapses within secondsAfter use, the FeCralloy blanket cools down within minutes. No tools needed; quickly fold, store it into a wearable bag and go. Packs up small for easy storage and relocationProviding the complete grill experience, this on-the-go FoldingFire folds up and can be stored in your car, RV, Camper, garage, or storage closet. Specifications Materials: Frame: Metal iron Grill rack: Stainless steel Blanket: Fecralloy® Size: Frame: 69 x 17 x 18cm  Weight: 4.6lbs
NightLamp Cloud NightLamp Cloud
NightLamp Cloud $14.95
Originating from nature, Blending into life   Inspired by nature, this night lamp is shaped like a cloud and the bottom is designed with raindrops, making it easy to place on your desktop. It uses 11 LED SMD lamps as light source which result on low power consumption and long-life time. The high-quality LED produces high color rendering and are closer to natural light which is soft and bright, perfect for kid's bedroom, on the fridge or corridor where dim light is needed. Comes in 2 modes: always on and smart mode which can be turned on by tapping or making sound. Its integrated magnet enable you to adhere it to any metal surface, and easily unmount it at any time. Thanks to its built-in 450mAh polymer battery, it can be used independently from a power source. Cloud ShapeThe product itself shaped like a cloud. Inspired by nature, the bottom is specially designed with raindrops, making it easy to place on your desktop. Thanks to its built-in 450mAh polymer battery, it can be used independently from a power source. Magnetic, place anywhere
Its integrated magnets enable you to adhere it to any metallic surface, and easily unmount it at any time.Intelligent control
The night light can be set to work in both long and smart modes. Long light mode: The night light stays on the brightest state. Intelligent mode: Either you touch the lamp or make a sound, the light will be activated and turn off by itself after one minute. A safe light source
The product uses 11 LED SMD lamps as light source which result on low power consumption and long-life time. The lights are soft and bright, not glaring. The high-quality LED produces high color rendering and are closer to natural light. Specifications Material: ABS + PC Size: 122 x 79 x 35mm Weight: 120g Capacity: 450mAh
Heng Balance Lamp |Ellipse Mini| USB-C Heng Balance Lamp |Ellipse Mini| USB-C
Heng Balance Lamp |Ellipse Mini| USB-C $24.95
Switch, in mid-air.   Switching the light in mid-air: “Heng Balance Lamp” is a series of desk lamps with a twist: where most lamps have a standard switch the Heng Balance Lamp is controlled by two wooden balls. When you lift the lower wooden ball, it will be attracted by the hanging one and remain suspended in mid-air, switching on the light. Versatile: This creative small lamp is suitable for the study, bedroom, etc. Most types of rooms will benefit from this lamp, as besides a source of light it is also a piece of art. Design: We adopted a design where the lighting element is embedded into the frame so the light can find its way out. The gentle curve makes it easy to the eye and calming.  INNOVATIVE MAGNETIC BALANCE LAMPThis beautiful lamp from Allocacoc is designed with a unique magnetic sphere switch. Use it as a calming nightlight for kids or adults! This lamp is a nice piece to pull together any room or workspace: use it as a beautiful office decoration or as a classy addition to your bedside table. REDDOT AWARD-WINNING DESIGNThis clever balance lamp is a fun, interactive way to brighten a room. To illuminate the lamp, simply balance the 2 dangling spheres by attaching them together using the embedded magnets. The mid-century modern wood look adds a touch of zen wherever you need some gentle lighting. SOPHISTICATED MINIMALIST LIGHTING Whether you place this lamp in your home or on your work desk, this lighting adds a sophisticated and polished look to any space. Keep it in your study, on the nightstand, or on top of your dresser to display a beautiful yet functional light source. It matches well with any style of decor! WARM LED GLOWThis light emits a soft, gentle glow bright enough to be used as a book-reading light by the bed but dim enough to make an effective nightlight. The USB power cord plugs into a wide variety of outlets and adapters. If you want to add some ambient lighting to your room, this lamp is a must. FUN GIFT FOR MEN & WOMENIf you’re looking for a unique gift for your loved one, the Heng Balance Lamp is the perfect option. If your girlfriend is an art lover or if your dad hopes for a classy Father’s Day gift for the office, this lamp is sure to brighten anyone’s day. It’s also a great way to tie together small spaces like dorms or studio apartments. Specifications Product Dimensions: 9.69 x 5.90 x 2.12in Input port: USB-C ON/OFF switch: Yes Energy consumption: 3W Power input: 1A 5V Energy efficiency: 35lm/W Illumination angle: 120° LED: 30x 2835 SMD LED Lifetime: 20,000h Color temperature: 2700 Kelvin (Warm white) Other: Magnet 2pcs, 10x10mm, N35 Included: USB cable USB cable: USB type A to C; length: 1m Others: PF=1, LLMF>0.8, CRI>80
Allocacoc® LightStrip |Touch| Desk lightstrip adjust brightness
Allocacoc® LightStrip |Touch| Desk 1 review $45.00
Touch and slide to turn on more LEDs   Touch & swipe controls to dim the light or extend the light stripThe LightStrip Touch has a unique way of controlling your light: slide along the top with your finger to illuminate more LEDs. This is a very natural feeling to adjust the light. Freer, adjustable light angles with a flexible and modular standThe joint allows for more flexibility: you can freely adjust the angle of the lampstand to optimally light your working area. You can also adjust the direction of the beam, which enables you to use indirect light to create a warmer atmosphere. Transform it into an ambient light pillarWhen you swipe the touch bar you can slide it until all the LEDs are lit and transform it into a desk lamp. Other varieties are also possible: when you fully erect the lamp body and reduce the brightness it can be used as an ambient light column. Modular designExtend the LightStrip with up to 2 extra LightStrips to create an extended desktop light or a unique hanging light. The LightStrip is compatible with various modular fixtures and standsThe light strips can either be used standalone or combined and can be expanded to a maximum of three modules. With different brackets, they can be turned into wall lights, table lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps or even chandeliers. High-grade aluminum bodyThe aluminum alloy body feels sturdy and lightweight while providing a qualitative look. Specifications Dimensions: 5.70 x 5.70 x 24 in Input port: USB-C, 12V DC port Power input: DC 5V 2.0A, DC 12V 3.0A Energy consumption: 8W Material: Aluminum, ABS, PC Light output: 800lm LED: 2835 LED Lifetime: 20,000h Color temperature: 6500K< Light color: Cool CRI: 80 USB cable: USB type A to C; length: 1.5m; color: grey
Allocacoc® StretchBelt |Frame| Blue
Allocacoc® StretchBelt |Frame| $24.95
Flexible Easy Adjustable Genuine Leather Belt   Comfort fitThe integrated elastic band stretches to adjust to your body shape throughout the day as you sit, stand, and walk. Easy to adjustAdjust the belt with ease and convenience through the tracking system. Two stylesSwitch between the 2 buckles to suit all occasions. Also a bottle openerNot only is it a belt, but the buckles can also open bottles! Specifications Dimension: 125-127.5 (stretch) x 3.2 cm Material Belt: Real leather; Buckle: Zinc alloy Weight: 241g
LightDisc |Solar| LightDisc |Solar|
LightDisc |Solar| $39.95
A nightlight powered by daylight.   LightDisc |Solar| is a solar charger that captures the energy of light and store it in the internal batteries. We recommend you fully charge the battery before its first use via USB-C,the internal battery can by used to charge your mobile phone or other USB devices. The 3W light is bright enough as a nightlight in the room. It has moon-mode to light itself up when the sun goes down and the moon comes up and a re-useable sticky-pad to stick onto your window. It can last for 12 hours when the internal battery is fully charged via solar panel or USB. With the cable reel you can easily roll up the USB cable. Specifications Product Dimensions: 6.25 x 6.25 x 1.33 in Material: ABS, PC Features: Micro-suction tape No. USB-outlets: 1 USB output: 2.0A 5V Input port: USB-C ON/OFF switch: Yes Energy consumption: 3W Power input: USB-C: DC 5V 2.0A; Solar panel: DC 5V 0.25A LED: Dimmable LED Battery capacity: 2000mAh (7.5Wh), up to 12h light USB cable plug type: USB type A to C In the box: 1LightDisc, 1 USBCable (5ft, white)
Allocacoc® FlipGrill |BBQ| Allocacoc® FlipGrill |BBQ|
Allocacoc® FlipGrill |BBQ| $79.95
Easy to Carry Barbecue with Flippable Grill and Integrated Chopping Board Table barbecueThe bottom of the FlipGrill is insulated so that you can place it on a fireproof table without damaging it.Chopping boardThe lid is made of strong bamboo, allowing you to use it as a chopping board for cutting meat or vegetables.Easy to carryThe lid allows you to store the grids in the barbecue. Before and after use of the barbeque you can easily carry the whole set with you. Flip and grill perfectlyThe grids consist of two parts that hold the food in its place. Quickly flip and create perfect grill marks on the food. For example shrimps will not fall through the grid unlike other conventional barbecues. These grids also make it easy to take the food from barbecue to plate.   Specifications Weight: 4.03KG G.W. : 4.7KG Size: L 612mm x W 216mm x H 131mm Material: Cutting board: bamboo, BBQ: iron, FlipGrill: stainless steel, Charcoal grid: stainless steel
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ClipPen |CLIPEN| ClipPen |CLIPEN|
ClipPen |CLIPEN| $4.95
The most remarkable pen in the worldCLIPEN is a design pen that slide-clip easily on paper or notes. Just slide from top to bottom. Isn’t that easy?Slide-clip on the page you want, and use it as a bookmark. CLIPEN will tell you which page to go back later!Slide-clip the CLIPEN, it doesn’t fall off easily. When you want to use CLIPEN, just slide it again. Just clip on 3 sheets of paper, that’s all you need.CLIPEN will never stop you from writing! SGS certificated neutral ink and nib made in Germany gives you smooth writing experience.CLIPEN won the world’s three design awards. And one more, Asia Design Award as well! Original concept, ergonomic design and smooth shape. Try the world-recognized design and feel it for yourself.Easy paper-slide penUse it as a bookmarkSlide-clips on tightlyNever-ending fluidityWinner of the world’s three design awards *Actual product color might be slightly different from the pictures. Specifications Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 11.6 Ink: Black Gel Ink 0.7 Weight: 0.2 lbs Colors: Green, Pink, Blue
Allocacoc® miniWallet |Expandable| Allocacoc® miniWallet |Expandable|
Allocacoc® miniWallet |Expandable| $9.95
The flat and compact wallet that expands   Looking for a no-nonsense wallet that houses your cards, cash, key, and coins, all in one? Look no further. Meet the miniWallet!The miniWallet is designed to be a wallet that expands according to your needs. With this in mind, an elastic band is integrated into the design to allow this expansion. Its unique wrap design prevents the wallet from being bulky, optimizing its compactness, no matter how much cash or cards you put inside.Pull out your card with one simple pull on the strap. Place the card back in, and fold the strap over the card, securing it with its integrated magnet. Not just for cards, the miniWallet is also equipped with compartments for cash, coins, and a key. Elastic band for extra expansionIt doesn’t matter how many cards and coins you add in the wallet, the elastic band will keep the wallet firmly closed. Pull strap for easy card accessPull out your card with one simple pull on the strap. Place the card back in, and fold the strap over the card, securing it with its integrated magnet. RFID theft-protectionKeep your cards secure in the insulated card-storage compartment, so that no one can steal your data wirelessly. Specifications Material: PU leather Dimensions: Expanded: 190 x 96 x 1mm; Folded: 68 x 92 x 10mm Weight: 40g Colors: Grey, Brown, Tan

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