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Folding Fire BBQ+Campfire $217.00
Convert into a fire pit The foldable grill can be uninstalled from top of the FoldingFire, turning it into a campfire. It is perfect for those who enjoy campfires as much as BBQ! Gather around the grill, eat & chat Everyone can sit around the grill and chat face to face while cooking. The fun never ends; turn the FoldingFire into a cozy and warm fire pit after grilling. Every individual is truly engaged in the grill experience, building stronger connections. Unique metal fiber fabric The secret of this innovative grill is the super alloy blanket. The woven FeCralloy blanket withstands high temperature corrosion, providing durable and long-lasting use. It is ideal to use as a resistance-heating element. It is soft and can be turned into any shape, making the FoldingFire even more portable. Height adjustment for temperature control Lift the FoldingFire upward or downward to adjust the height for lower or higher grill temperatures. Height adjustment helps avoid overcooking or charring. It retains the tenderness of the meat and remains moist. Grill in a healthier way. Setup and collapses within seconds After use, the FeCralloy blanket cools down within minutes. No tools needed; quickly fold, store it into a wearable bag and go. Packs up small for easy storage and relocation Providing the complete grill experience, this on-the-go FoldingFire folds up and can be stored in your car, RV, Camper, garage, or storage closet.
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Light Beam Stand Corridor Light Beam Stand Corridor
Light Beam Stand Corridor $135.00
The Light Beam Stand Corridor projects a clear ambient light in any corridor or hallway, creating a convenient and pleasant passage light. Multiple Light Beam Corridors can be combined to create unique light effects. Energy efficient The Light Beam Stand Corridor is equipped with a 5V LED light source and a USB-C low voltage power supply. The voltage power supply, in contrary to a high power supply of 110-220V, is less troublesome and safer to use whilst maintaining a high level of brightness. Compact Tripod The Light Beam Stand Corridor comes with a compact foldable tripod allowing the user a quick and easy placement. The tripod is adjustable in height so that different light effects can be created. Wall mount Use the wall mount bracket for a more permanent and sturdy positioning. This will also result in a different light bounce of the wall.
MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Lift Pack (PREORDER) MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Lift Pack (PREORDER)
MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Lift Pack (PREORDER) from $6.00
Tap Here to Get Starter and Advanced Packs Lift TrackPack (lift module tracks only) Contents: Lift-top-A track Lift-top-B track Lift-bottom-A track Lift-bottom-B track 2 Lift-extender-A tracks 2 Lift-extender-B tracks 3 Brackets Lift-motor Battery-holder Sprocket 3 Axel-sprockets Hand-crank 3 Lift-top-rollers 46 Links 23 Magnet-links 70 Connecting-links 8 Panels Lift Pack (complete roller coaster) Contents: 64 MagnetCubes (Clear) 32 Panels 32 Clips Down-turn track Bottom-hill track 10 Straight tracks 3 Quarter-turn tracks Down track Lift-top-A track Lift-bottom-A track 2 Lift-extender-A tracks 2 Lift-extender-B tracks 3 Brackets Lift-top-B track Lift-bottom-B track Lift-motor Battery-holder Sprocket 3 Axel-sprockets Hand-crank 3 Lift-top-rollers 46 Links 23 Magnet-links 70 Connecting-links 6 Marbles Lift-extender Contents (tracks for extending lift height only): 2 Lift-extender-A tracks 2 Lift-extender-B tracks 8 Links 4 Magnet-links 12 Connecting-links 2 Panels Lift Pack and Track Pack goes up 3 cube heights, get each Lift-extender extends the lift by 2 cube heights. A single motor and gearset may have trouble powering lifts that are over 8 cube heights. To build a higher lift than 7-8 cube heights, use a second motor and lift track pack.
Multifunctional 3 in 1 LED Desk Lamp Multifunctional 3 in 1 LED Desk Lamp
Multifunctional 3 in 1 LED Desk Lamp $10.90
Versatile and Portable Multifunctional Table Lamp Introducing our Multifunctional Table Lamp, a compact, lightweight, and portable lighting solution perfect for various needs. Designed with versatility in mind, this lamp is a must-have for any modern household or workspace. Dual Functionality This lamp transforms effortlessly between two essential functions. When extended, it serves as a reliable reading lamp, providing focused illumination for your reading or working needs. When the lamp holder is retracted, it becomes a handy flashlight, ideal for emergencies or situations requiring a portable light source. Durable and Adjustable Design Constructed from high-quality ABS plastic and hardware, this lamp is highly resistant to damage, even if accidentally dropped. The pole of the lamp, made from robust plastic, is adjustable, allowing you to direct light in any direction. The lamp can bend up to 205°, ensuring you have comfortable lighting from any angle. Customizable Lighting The lamp features a three-stage dimming function, enabling you to adjust the brightness according to your convenience and specific needs. Whether you need a soft glow for relaxation or a brighter light for detailed tasks, this lamp adapts to your requirements with ease. Rechargeable and Power Bank Functionality Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this lamp offers the convenience of cordless use. Moreover, it doubles as a power bank, allowing you to charge your devices multiple times, making it an essential tool for travel or emergencies. Sturdy Construction Made from durable ABS plastic, this lamp is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Its sturdy construction ensures a long lifespan, providing reliable performance even with regular use. Key Features Compact and Portable: Easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go use. Dual Functionality: Use as a reading lamp or retract for a flashlight. Adjustable Angles: Bends up to 205° for optimal light direction. Three-Stage Dimming: Adjustable brightness levels to suit your needs. Rechargeable Battery: Convenient cordless use with power bank capability. Durable Build: Made from high-quality ABS plastic and robust materials. Enhance your lighting experience with this multifunctional table lamp, designed to meet all your lighting needs while providing portability and durability.
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Projector Circle + APP Projector Circle + APP
Projector Circle + APP $196.00
Enjoy playing your favorite movies, media and games anywhere with Projector Circle. All you need is a power outlet and a WiFi connection. An apartment-friendly distance of only one meter is required to project in High-Definition. Scroll on social media from the couch or watch TV shows while lying in bed. The Circle creates a 100-inch projection from three meters away. Connect your Bluetooth audio and input devices to maximize your experience. You can even use it as an external monitor for work. Lay the projector flat on the non-slip pads for wall projections or on the wooden stand for ceiling projections. Store it vertically to save space and cover the lens. Countless multimedia applications: Use Projector Circle for watching TV, work, gaming, social media and more. Three different positions: The projector has three easily interchangeable positions. Laid flat for wall projections, on the wooden stand for ceiling projections and the lens pointing downwards in the stand for protective storage. Screen casting: There are various ways and applications to mirror or cast content of another device connected to the same network. Simply tap the cast icon on your (mobile) device to mirror your screen to the projector. Minimal distance: The projector can be positioned close to the wall - up to 1 meter - to make it more space efficient. Extend your screen: The projector can also function as an external second screen for work or other projects. Connect your Bluetooth devices: In addition to the included remote control, connect your headphones, mouse or keyboard with Bluetooth for comfortable audio, browsing and operation.
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TrashBin |Waste Bag Holder| $81.00
This trash bag holder is compatible with all sorts and sizes of bags. Just attach a bag onto the holder using the recess on the holder. This also makes it quick and easy to replace. If you want to separate waste attach two extra bags on the side creating three different trash bags side by side to separate waste. The holder is easy to clean due to the minimal and slick design. Use the included tripod to raise the bag holder higher. The bag holder is available in colors wood and gray. For many types of bags Usable with different types of bags, for example the ones that you receive when doing groceries. Easily replace the bags in the holder. Two different heights The Waste Bag Holder contains a three-legged standard to mount the trash can on. This makes it convenient to use at a higher level, especially in the kitchen. Sorting trash Thanks to the slots on the top you can place three trash bags next to each other. This makes it convenient to sort your different types of trash. Moderate size Its moderate size will ensure that it blends into any environment such as your living room, kitchen, bathroom or at the office.

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