DesignNest is a platform that makes and sells products designed by a community of artists, designers, engineers, and creatives. We provide an end-to-end solution for creators from concept to production and sales. This store showcases the best open source projects we've helped bring to life. 

When you purchase a product from this store you are directly supporting the community that designed the product.

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5 Key Advantages Offered to Backers  5 Key Advantages Offered to Designers

  Investment Safety 

We offer 100% product or credit guarantee for your investment. 


We help to get your product funded by consumers placing pre-orders.

Idea Bucket

Not a designer? Share your ideas with us while you keep the ownership. 

Design knowledge
We share our knowledge in mass production to minimize costs.

Crowd Design

Everyone is encouraged to provide comments to improve our projects.
We ensure the best price-quality ratio through our large base of sources in the world of suppliers. You are also welcome to bring in your own suppliers.

Realistic Deadlines

Every project is assessed by Allocacoc, this ensures realistic deadlines for each project.
Production & Assembly
We offer the option to use our in-house production and assembly facility. We provide  competitive prices and highest quality.

Allocacoc Guarantee

Allocacoc backs DesignNest projects, which means that we can guarantee that a product that gets fully funded will be delivered to each backer.
Distribution & Worldwide Sales
Your product will be launched to big retailers worldwide through our existing and well-established distribution and sales network. You will earn from each and every product sold.


To learn and support our projects click here.

Lifetime Support

2 Year Warranty

Award Winning Design

Free Shipping Over $75+

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