CubeClimbers - Board Game CubeClimbers - Board Game
CubeClimbers - Board Game 15 reviews $53.00 $67.00
CubeClimbers is a 20-30 minute strategy game for 2-4 players where the objective is to become king of the hill by stacking cubes, pushing opponents, tossing grappling hooks, and using superpowers. The cubes in this game magnetically snap together for a modular and sturdy 3D board. Although the rules are simple, climbing to the top requires creativity, tactics, precision, diplomacy, and risk-taking.Setup: Players start on a base of prearranged cubes. Each player is then dealt an even and equal number of the remaining cubes. Players are also dealt a combination of 2 unique player powers face down that can each be used once a game.Play: During their turn, players build 2 cubes, move to an adjacent space, and roll. Rolling gives players a chance to reposition with the grappling hook (1/2 chance) or push all players in a direction of their choice with wind (1/6 chance). Players must perform all three actions once in any order to end their turn and may also use their powers as optional actions. The game keeps going until the player who builds the last remaining cube ends their turn.Winning: The player at the highest level of the board when the game ends wins! Features: 2-4 players, 20-30 minutes per game Play on a dynamic 3D mountain made of magnetic building blocks Move and build tactically to climb and block your opponents Use superpowers for game-changing turns! Over 100 asymmetric player power combinations Amazing table presence— each game ends with a unique sculpture 3 Simple rules (move, build, and roll) with endless depth and strategy The player at the highest level once all cubes are built wins! CubeClimbers is a perfect fit for those who enjoy board games like Backgammon, Chess, Santorini, Torres, Rhino Hero, or games with unique components. Components: 68 MagnetCubes (White) 16 Power Cards 8 Climbers 4 Stands 1 Die 1 Rulebook *Images and videos shown are of prototypes. Final product will vary slightly. tiktokboardgames There can only be one… 🧗‍♀️ #boardgames #gamenight #tabletop ♬ original sound - TiktokBoardgames @woosung.boardgames Updated overview of CubeClimbers a race to the top! 🗻 #boardgames #tabletopgames #familygames #boardgamegeek #boardgametok ♬ Summer - Instrumental - Devinney @1minuteboardgames 2-4 players, Ages 8+, 20-30 min, $49 USD on Kickstarter 🧗🏻‍♀️ #gamenight #boardgame #ad ♬ Wii Shop Channel - McTweet   **For the latest project update please visit link: CubeClimber Kickstarter Updates - November 2023
MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Starter Pack / Advanced Pack MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Starter Pack / Advanced Pack
MagnetCubes |Coaster Cubes™| Starter Pack / Advanced Pack 1 review from $39.95
Tap Here to Preorder Lift Pack and Lift Tracks Modular Magnetic Marble Roller Coaster   MagnetCubes is a totally new modular magnetic building set for creating roller coaster themed marble runs and large structures. This intuitive building system is fun for all ages and can be configured in endless ways. Most of the marble runs include the track and the holes on the same molded pieces, limiting your options for how the pieces can be fitted together. With the modular design of MagnetCubes, you can easily connect multiple structures together. The structure becomes a complex and impressive multi-level design. Build and rebuild whatever you can imagine. You could sit down again and again, with new creations every time. Sets use open cubes with magnets in each corner that easily snap together without the need for special connectors or any prior experience. Simply unpack and build! Features:Effortlessly attach With no glue or connectors needed, MagnetCubes is ready to play right out of the box. Each cube is fully magnetic, so it can be easily attached to other cubes. Simply unpack and build!Build.Rebuild.Combine.Easily connect multiple structures together. The structure becomes a complex and impressive multi-level design. MagnetCubes gives you far more freedom to build a near infinite variety of miniature roller coasters and structures instantly.Infinite design possibilities!With 64 cubes and various action pieces, people will have the ability to build any different tracks by their imagination and logical mind. Great for keeping your mind sharp, limber and most importantly, interested!Build taller and fasterKeep stacking the modular open-ended building blocks together. Be amazed at how easily, quickly and massively tall structures can be made without toppling over.Repeat play: a new toy everydayThanks for the modular and magnetic design, so you can build and separate at ease. Build and rebuild whatever you can imagine. You could sit down again and again, with new creations every time.Play and experiment through hands-on buildingThis interactive track system is a unique way for individuals to learn basic physics, hone their spatial reasoning and logical planning, and develop architectural design skills. It is a fun and dynamic toy for both adults and Youngs. Help relaxRelieve stress by fidgeting with beautiful structures. MagnetCubes help you put all the other life worries out of your mind. You are creating something nice when the pieces are linked together. Make sure you get a regular fix!Let your child's creativity grow!MagnetCubes is a combination of logic game, marble run and STEM toy. This playset is perfect for any young builder looking to develop creativity, improve hand-eye coordination and problem solving with basic physics. It not only keeps the Youngs entertained but also encourages learning at the same time. In no time at all, you will have a skilled architect on your hands.A Perfectly Clear ViewThe cube is built by snuggling 12 translucent pieces into each other. The see-through feature allows you to follow all the actions while you play. With the panels included in the AdvancedPack, you can weave marble tracks in and out of the architectural structures.A great addition to any home Enjoy with family and friends any time! Specifications Magnet: N35 d3mm, 8pcs/cube Cube dimension: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm Cube Material: 70%K-Resin+30%PS Track Material: PS Marble material: Stainless steal
CrownesChess - Compact, portable nesting chess set PRE-ORDER CrownesChess - Compact, portable nesting chess set PRE-ORDER
CrownesChess - Compact, portable nesting chess set PRE-ORDER 3 reviews from $55.00
Crownes is a modern approach to a timeless game. Each piece is precisely designed to fit one over the other in sequential order, creating a uniformly compact stack.    A full size set awaits within an efficiently sized solution. Set up, stow away and bring along without compromise. 
CandleHolder - LuneDot CandleHolder - LuneDot
CandleHolder - LuneDot $14.95
Modular Refillable Magnetic Endless Candle Illusion LUNEdot is an innovative Dutch design object that brings a new, patented dimension to a classic product, the candle. Through the clever spring system inside the holder and the magnetic base plate, the LUNEdot pushes the candle upwards and keeps the candle in perfect upright position as it burns down. Therefore you always have a tall standing candle as if new, without the risk of falling or dripping. Download manual here. The Endless CandleAs the candle burns down, a spring inside the tube pushes the candle upward to maintain the height of the flame. The candle will always look as if it was just lit. Magnetic baseThe strong magnetic base on the inner tube allows the candle to be stuck onto the metal baseplate or any other metal surface, making it practical and safe. Mix and MatchLUNEdot comes in many different colors and sizes. Mix and match tubes and bases to fit any decor.RefillableLUNEdot fits most standard taper candles. After a candle is burned down, easily refill the tube over and over again! The length of the included candles is 185 mm with a diameter of 16-19 mm. No Drip, No MessBecause the tube keeps the candle vertical and the flame consistent, the candle wax will rarely overflow or drip.Burns longerDue to the magnetic base, the tube and candle always stands perfectly straight allowing you to burn all the candle wax. This results in a longer candle burn up to 50%. Specifications Function: Magnetically sucking Dimensions: 28.7 x 13.8 x 3.2cm
Ember Stove Ember Stove
Ember Stove $109.00
Ignite quickly Handle all your cooking needs with Ember Stove's ultra-efficient vortex flame that concentrates heat at high temperatures. Ember Stove (right) ignites your flame quickly. Ultra-compact stove with vortex efficiency Ember Stove is designed for easy storage and usage, and excellent heating performance to cook your meals fast and well. Pocket stove It is tiny and compact to dish up tasty meals on the move. Ultra-efficient vortex flame to cook fast and well Handle all your cooking needs with Ember Stove's ultra-efficient vortex flame that concentrates heat at high temperatures to cook fast and well. Heats up food quickly Ember Stove heats up food quickly. 51°C vs. 106°C. Long-lasting vortex flame Ember Stove has you covered with its incredibly long-lasting vortex flame. Now you have more than enough time to cook up a feast! Easy set-up Consisting out of two parts that are easy to click into each other, your Ember Stove is ready for use in no time. Accommodates various pots and pans with stable elevation Ember Stove is designed with a 3-prong cooking platform to accommodate various pots and pans, as well as a 3-point elevation base that ensures that the stove remains stable during use. Built to last Made of premium 304 stainless steel, Ember Stove is exceptionally strong, resistant to high temperature and built to last forever. It cleans up well with just soap, water and a mild abrasive sponge.
Coat Rack NUDE Wood Coat Rack NUDE Wood
Coat Rack NUDE Wood $168.00
The Coat Rack |Nude| is a versatile and stylish solution for hanging clothes, designed for easy, nail-free assembly using strong and lightweight bamboo rods. Its tripod design ensures stability, and it stands at 174 cm tall and 51 cm wide, offering ample space for your garments. Crafted entirely from sustainable bamboo, this portable and lightweight coat rack can be disassembled and transported effortlessly, fitting into a narrow cylindrical case. Despite its elegant and minimalist appearance, it boasts exceptional durability, supporting up to 100 kg. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2014, the Coat Rack |Nude| combines functionality with award-winning design, adding a playful yet practical element to any space. Transform Your Space with Effortless Style Change clothes and go! With the Coat Rack |Nude|, you can effortlessly transform any space, offering a versatile and stylish solution for hanging your clothes. This coat rack is designed for those who value both form and function, combining sleek aesthetics with practical features. Easy Assembly and Disassembly Say goodbye to complicated instructions and tools. The Coat Rack |Nude| is designed for nail-free assembly, allowing you to put it together in just a few minutes. Made from three strong and lightweight bamboo rods, held together by three thin rods, this rack requires no nails or screws. The tripod design ensures maximum stability on any flat surface, making it both sturdy and reliable. Sustainable and Elegant Design Crafted entirely from sustainable bamboo, the Coat Rack |Nude| is an eco-friendly choice that doesn't compromise on style. The elegant bamboo rods provide a natural and minimalist look that complements any decor. With a height of 174 cm (5.7 ft) and a width of 51 cm (20 in), it offers ample space for your coats, hats, and accessories. Portable and Lightweight Designed with mobility in mind, the Coat Rack |Nude| is easy to disassemble and transport. It fits conveniently into a lightweight and narrow cylindrical case, making it perfect for those who frequently move or enjoy rearranging their living spaces. Weighing only 5 kg, it’s incredibly easy to carry and transport. Exceptional Durability Built to last, the Coat Rack |Nude| can support a maximum load of 100 kg, ensuring it remains a reliable and functional piece in your home for years to come. Its robust construction is a testament to its quality and durability. Award-Winning Design The Coat Rack |Nude| is not just a practical addition to your home; it’s a piece of award-winning design. Proud recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2014, this coat rack is recognized internationally for its outstanding design. Its blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal makes it a standout piece in any room. Fun and Functional Adding a touch of fun to your routine, the Coat Rack |Nude| never gets boring. Whether you're throwing your hat onto it from across the room or simply enjoying its minimalist design, it brings a playful yet practical element to your space. Elevate your home with the Coat Rack |Nude|, where sustainability meets sophistication, and practicality is infused with award-winning design.
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Projector Circle + APP Projector Circle + APP
Projector Circle + APP $196.00
Enjoy playing your favorite movies, media and games anywhere with Projector Circle. All you need is a power outlet and a WiFi connection. An apartment-friendly distance of only one meter is required to project in High-Definition. Scroll on social media from the couch or watch TV shows while lying in bed. The Circle creates a 100-inch projection from three meters away. Connect your Bluetooth audio and input devices to maximize your experience. You can even use it as an external monitor for work. Lay the projector flat on the non-slip pads for wall projections or on the wooden stand for ceiling projections. Store it vertically to save space and cover the lens. Countless multimedia applications: Use Projector Circle for watching TV, work, gaming, social media and more. Three different positions: The projector has three easily interchangeable positions. Laid flat for wall projections, on the wooden stand for ceiling projections and the lens pointing downwards in the stand for protective storage. Screen casting: There are various ways and applications to mirror or cast content of another device connected to the same network. Simply tap the cast icon on your (mobile) device to mirror your screen to the projector. Minimal distance: The projector can be positioned close to the wall - up to 1 meter - to make it more space efficient. Extend your screen: The projector can also function as an external second screen for work or other projects. Connect your Bluetooth devices: In addition to the included remote control, connect your headphones, mouse or keyboard with Bluetooth for comfortable audio, browsing and operation.
Foldable Barbecue Stand - Portable, Durable Stainless Steel Standing BBQ Grill, with Foldable Tray and Handle, Folds Small and Flat Foldable Barbecue Stand - Portable, Durable Stainless Steel Standing BBQ Grill, with Foldable Tray and Handle, Folds Small and Flat
Foldable Barbecue Stand - Portable, Durable Stainless Steel Standing BBQ Grill, with Foldable Tray and Handle, Folds Small and Flat $152.00
Foldable Barbecue - Portable, Foldable, Metal Grill BBQ Stand on Legs, with Supporting Foldable Tray and Handle, 3 levels of Height Adjustable Grid, Durable, Sturdy, Stainless Steel, Fold Small and Flat, Perfect for Storage, Picnics, Beach, Camping, Backyard, Party, Outdoor, Gift, A Summer MUST HAVE! Height adjustable grid: The coal grid can be fixed at three heights, to be able to adjust the distance between coals and food. Prevents damage to the surface: The legs prevent damage to the surface, making it appropriate for use on grass and wooden surfaces. Two folding panels: Equipped with two folding panels to accommodate items such as plates, tools and herbs. Folds small and flat: It takes up little space when folded. Ideal to take with you in the car, on your bike and on foot. Content: 1 Foldable Barbecue 2 Metal Skewers with wood handle 1 Storage Canvas Bag

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