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Enjoy playing your favorite movies, media and games anywhere with Projector Circle. All you need is a power outlet and a WiFi connection. An apartment-friendly distance of only one meter is required to project in High-Definition. Scroll on social media from the couch or watch TV shows while lying in bed. The Circle creates a 100-inch projection from three meters away. Connect your Bluetooth audio and input devices to maximize your experience. You can even use it as an external monitor for work. Lay the projector flat on the non-slip pads for wall projections or on the wooden stand for ceiling projections. Store it vertically to save space and cover the lens.

Countless multimedia applications: Use Projector Circle for watching TV, work, gaming, social media and more.

Three different positions: The projector has three easily interchangeable positions. Laid flat for wall projections, on the wooden stand for ceiling projections and the lens pointing downwards in the stand for protective storage.

Screen casting: There are various ways and applications to mirror or cast content of another device connected to the same network. Simply tap the cast icon on your (mobile) device to mirror your screen to the projector.

Minimal distance: The projector can be positioned close to the wall - up to 1 meter - to make it more space efficient.

Extend your screen: The projector can also function as an external second screen for work or other projects.

Connect your Bluetooth devices: In addition to the included remote control, connect your headphones, mouse or keyboard with Bluetooth for comfortable audio, browsing and operation.

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