Pear Night Lamp MUID



The Cute pear shape, the light-emitting surface and the small feet are made of soft silica gel. The color temperature and brightness of the light can be adjusted, which is playful and lively, interesting and pure.

Baby-Safe Night Light

Ensure your baby's safety while they learn and play with our night light, crafted from 100% toy-grade ABS and silica gel materials. These materials are stain-resistant and durable, ensuring the night light lasts for years. The anti-blue light LED technology prevents flickering and protects your child's eyes from strain.

Clever and Cute Design

Add a charming touch to your room, nursery, or study with our adorable pear-shaped night light. The creative design in a cheerful yellow color is sure to catch everyone's eye and brighten up your space.

USB Rechargeable Night Lamp

Our night light features a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, allowing it to operate wirelessly for several hours. When needed, you can easily recharge it using a USB cable, ensuring it’s always ready to use.

Adjustable Light

The night light's brightness is easily adjustable to suit your needs. Simply fiddle with the pear stalk to turn the light on or off. To comfort your baby or toddler to sleep, press the pear stalk to the right or left for a few seconds to adjust the brightness from dimmest to brightest.

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