Allocacoc® Flashlight - Nightlight Recharge Portable, Modular Designed Multi-function Flash Light USB-C Allocacoc® Flashlight - Nightlight Recharge Portable, Modular Designed Multi-function Flash Light USB-C
Allocacoc® Flashlight - Nightlight Recharge Portable, Modular Designed Multi-function Flash Light USB-C 1 review $29.95
Your most versatile light source.   A reliable light source made for your everyday use or emergencies. With available matching accessories, it can be used as a bike headlight, clip-on lamp, reading light, table lamp, and floor lamp. Or simply use it as a flashlight. Easily adjust the brightness by holding the button for 2 seconds. This sturdy forged FlashLight will withstand the rain and proceed to give excellent electrical conductivity. A go-to light source for your everyday needs. Specifications Casing: Aluminum alloy Rated AC: 2A/3.6V ON/OFF switch: Yes Energy consumption: 9.36Wh Battery capacity: 2400mAh Battery cells: 18650 Li-ion battery Charging time: 3 hours Charging port: USB-C LIght Output:Normal: 150lm; Brigh: 900lm Range: 20m Illumination Angle: 66° LED: CREEXM-L2 U2 LED Color Temperature: Warm 3500K/ Cool 6000K USB Cable Plug Type: USB Type A to C In the box: FlashLights, Silicone cone shade, USB-C Cable, Manual
Allocacoc® LightStrip Touch Desk lightstrip adjust brightness
Allocacoc® LightStrip Touch Desk 3 reviews $45.00
Touch and slide to turn on more LEDs   Touch & swipe controls to dim the light or extend the light stripThe LightStrip Touch has a unique way of controlling your light: slide along the top with your finger to illuminate more LEDs. This is a very natural feeling to adjust the light. Freer, adjustable light angles with a flexible and modular standThe joint allows for more flexibility: you can freely adjust the angle of the lampstand to optimally light your working area. You can also adjust the direction of the beam, which enables you to use indirect light to create a warmer atmosphere. Transform it into an ambient light pillarWhen you swipe the touch bar you can slide it until all the LEDs are lit and transform it into a desk lamp. Other varieties are also possible: when you fully erect the lamp body and reduce the brightness it can be used as an ambient light column. Modular designExtend the LightStrip with up to 2 extra LightStrips to create an extended desktop light or a unique hanging light. The LightStrip is compatible with various modular fixtures and standsThe light strips can either be used standalone or combined and can be expanded to a maximum of three modules. With different brackets, they can be turned into wall lights, table lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps or even chandeliers. High-grade aluminum bodyThe aluminum alloy body feels sturdy and lightweight while providing a qualitative look. Specifications Dimensions: 5.70 x 5.70 x 24 in Input port: USB-C, 12V DC port Power input: DC 5V 2.0A, DC 12V 3.0A Energy consumption: 8W Material: Aluminum, ABS, PC Light output: 800lm LED: 2835 LED Lifetime: 20,000h Color temperature: 6500K< Light color: Cool CRI: 80 USB cable: USB type A to C; length: 1.5m; color: grey
Lantern Lamp Janpim - portable, foldable, multifunction LED lamp Lantern Lamp Janpim - portable, foldable, multifunction LED lamp
Lantern Lamp Janpim - portable, foldable, multifunction LED lamp $24.95
Lantern lamp is a creative foldable LED table lamp, a cleverly designed indoor/outdoor multifunction portable lamp, perfect for daily use, home decor, dorm decor, nursery and gift. Bedside lamp/ night light - Its warm white light color and adjustable brightness offers comfortable lighting options for people who love to have a dim light while sleeping. Table lamp / home & dorm decor lamp - It has a 360° rotating motion, you can easily rotate it to any angle desired. It can also be used as a table lamp for reading, studying and working. Lantern / patio lamp - This creative portable lamp can also be used as a flashlight to use at outdoor environment such as camping, or ambient lighting lamp at your balcony/patio when you enjoy a nice evening outside.USB-C charging - Equipped with 2000 mAh internal rechargeable battery, the USB-C cable is provided within the unit packaging.Deflation design & easy storage - Deflation function allows space friendly and compact storage.
MirrorLamp MUID MirrorLamp MUID
MirrorLamp MUID $42.00
Three in one: The Makeup Mirror has been designed by a professional make-up artist. In order to design this amazing product, this creative artist has identified three of most important and basic elements you need at the time of doing your make-up; A mirror, a great light and of course, a space where to place the makeup you are using. All these three elements have been combined to create The Make Up Mirror. Adjustment: The Mirror lamp has a special flexible rotation axis that can be adjusted by 180 degree rotation. Storage Space: The base has a storage function with a silicone pad, which prevents the objects you placed on from sliding on the table. The additional storage space allows you to free your desk from any clutter, making it look tidier. Adjustable brightness by touch switch: The brightness of the light is completely adjustable, which is as convenient as adjusting the brightness of the mobile phone screen with a simple touch. Charging specifications: This product is USB rechargeable. It can be used be used from 4 to 5 hours after 4 hours charging. Packaging Details: We are using imported environmentally-friendly \"kraft paper\", which is nice to the touch. The quick-installation guide is already printed on the packaging, which helps to reduce even more the waste of material.
Multifunctional 3 in 1 LED Desk Lamp Multifunctional 3 in 1 LED Desk Lamp
Multifunctional 3 in 1 LED Desk Lamp $10.90
Versatile and Portable Multifunctional Table Lamp Introducing our Multifunctional Table Lamp, a compact, lightweight, and portable lighting solution perfect for various needs. Designed with versatility in mind, this lamp is a must-have for any modern household or workspace. Dual Functionality This lamp transforms effortlessly between two essential functions. When extended, it serves as a reliable reading lamp, providing focused illumination for your reading or working needs. When the lamp holder is retracted, it becomes a handy flashlight, ideal for emergencies or situations requiring a portable light source. Durable and Adjustable Design Constructed from high-quality ABS plastic and hardware, this lamp is highly resistant to damage, even if accidentally dropped. The pole of the lamp, made from robust plastic, is adjustable, allowing you to direct light in any direction. The lamp can bend up to 205°, ensuring you have comfortable lighting from any angle. Customizable Lighting The lamp features a three-stage dimming function, enabling you to adjust the brightness according to your convenience and specific needs. Whether you need a soft glow for relaxation or a brighter light for detailed tasks, this lamp adapts to your requirements with ease. Rechargeable and Power Bank Functionality Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this lamp offers the convenience of cordless use. Moreover, it doubles as a power bank, allowing you to charge your devices multiple times, making it an essential tool for travel or emergencies. Sturdy Construction Made from durable ABS plastic, this lamp is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Its sturdy construction ensures a long lifespan, providing reliable performance even with regular use. Key Features Compact and Portable: Easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go use. Dual Functionality: Use as a reading lamp or retract for a flashlight. Adjustable Angles: Bends up to 205° for optimal light direction. Three-Stage Dimming: Adjustable brightness levels to suit your needs. Rechargeable Battery: Convenient cordless use with power bank capability. Durable Build: Made from high-quality ABS plastic and robust materials. Enhance your lighting experience with this multifunctional table lamp, designed to meet all your lighting needs while providing portability and durability.
On-Off Lamp - A Night Light as A On/Off Switch On-Off Lamp - A Night Light as A On/Off Switch
On-Off Lamp - A Night Light as A On/Off Switch $19.95
Light up with a button. This nightlight is shaped literally as a classic on-off switch! It's a fun, interactive and beware, it's highly addictive too. Press down ON to turn the light on and OFF to turn the light off. Perfect décor night light for children's playroom, living room, office or wherever you like to add some fun in your place! TAP ON/OFF WITH GRAVITY SENSOR It is in the shape of an oversized on/off switch. You can easily tap it to comfort your toddler to sleep. FIDGETY FUNThis unique night lamp is fun to play with. It responds to your every touch. It is a unique and fun gift for your kids, family and friends. ENCOURAGE BETTER SLEEP On-off lamps with soothing light offer a gentle and calming glow for children and adults for all ages. It creates an ideal sleep environment. PORTABLE AND RECHARGEABLEWith the internal battery, you can move it from room to room and even take it on a trip. Simply charge it via USB cable by plugging it into your laptop. LED LIGHTS, TWO LIGHT MODESThere are two levels of brightness you can choose from. It is electricity saving and offers long lifespan. Specifications Size: 190 x 70 x 96mm Weight: 200g Material Lid: HIPS; Button: ABS Power Input: 2.5W / 5V Battery capacity: 450mAh Light color: Cool (White), Warm (Yellow)
Pear Night Lamp MUID Pear Night Lamp MUID
Pear Night Lamp MUID $24.90
The Cute pear shape, the light-emitting surface and the small feet are made of soft silica gel. The color temperature and brightness of the light can be adjusted, which is playful and lively, interesting and pure. Baby-Safe Night Light Ensure your baby's safety while they learn and play with our night light, crafted from 100% toy-grade ABS and silica gel materials. These materials are stain-resistant and durable, ensuring the night light lasts for years. The anti-blue light LED technology prevents flickering and protects your child's eyes from strain. Clever and Cute Design Add a charming touch to your room, nursery, or study with our adorable pear-shaped night light. The creative design in a cheerful yellow color is sure to catch everyone's eye and brighten up your space. USB Rechargeable Night Lamp Our night light features a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, allowing it to operate wirelessly for several hours. When needed, you can easily recharge it using a USB cable, ensuring it’s always ready to use. Adjustable Light The night light's brightness is easily adjustable to suit your needs. Simply fiddle with the pear stalk to turn the light on or off. To comfort your baby or toddler to sleep, press the pear stalk to the right or left for a few seconds to adjust the brightness from dimmest to brightest.
Slug Night Lamp Slug Night Lamp
Slug Night Lamp $23.95
Pinch to turn it On/Off   A FUN WAY TO TURN IT ON/OFFSlug night light turns on when the two “eyes” contact. It is easy to use and creates 2800k uniform non-flickering lights. DIMMABLESimply hold the two “eyes'' together to adjust brightness according to your needs. This bedside lamp shines warm, soothing light to create a safe & comfortable atmosphere and get your toddler sleep deeply throughout the night. 15 MIN TIMERThe light turns off automatically after comforting you or your kids to sleep. Integrated with the latest LED technology, our night light illuminates while saving on energy. STRESS RELIEFHigh quality soft silicone gives pleasantly soft touch and is safe for babies and toddlers, giving them a warm light that leaves fear away. Squeezing and fidgeting with this mood light can help you relax. PORTABLEIt is easy to charge with built-in rechargeable battery. It is a perfect light companion for camping, hiking, sleepover, pillow talk, and social gathering, and a gift for baby showers, Christmas, birthday or anniversary. Specifications (Main) Material: ABS + Silica Gel Energy consumption: 3W Device Power: input 5V/1A Color temperature: 2800k Light color: Warm white Battery capacity: 1200mAh
SolarCube - SolarPuff SolarCube - SolarPuff
SolarCube - SolarPuff $49.95
 The cubical, portable and waterproof solar light   The award-winning best original origami influenced design of Solight Design's flagship solar light has been recognized on CNBC, TED Talk, Wire Magazine, Fast Company, and Forbes. Elegant • Versatile • Innovative • Portable • Lightweight • Eco-FriendlyThe SolarCube |SolarPuff| is the first of it’s kind; solar-powered and engineered to be collapsible with a self-inflating pull open design, waterproof, portable and lightweight, yet durable even in extreme weather- perfect for the travel, outdoor adventures, camping, backyard patio, home décor or emergency kits.Beautiful bright light is evenly diffused by the recyclable PET sailcloth for a unique, clean, bright white light that’s perfect for any occasion, or bask in the soft, golden, ambient glow that will set the perfect mood.Up to 6-12 hrs of light on full charge Features Take it on the goGreat for the hiker, camper, or just the traveler in general.SolarCube is rugged, portable, waterproof, dustproof, collapsible, lightweight and rechargeable. Have fun on your next travel adventure! Safe for childrenMade from non-toxic materials, making it safe for children. Recyclable and eco-friendly, these solar lanterns are not only beautiful energy saving lights, but will help to keep our planet cleaner for generations to come. Extra light in the darkSolarCube is elegant, versatile and stylish to also bring light in the darkness. Capture the warmth of the sun by day and illuminate your world by night. For the whole family in every occasionSolarCubes are perfect for creating beautiful, soft ambiance around your table, patio, living area or in a child room. There’s a light for everyone and every occasion. Increase a good atmosphere with the SolarCube. Save the environmentIf for example everyone in the United States used a SolarCube for just one hour a day instead of a regular light bulb... it would save over 11 BILLION tons of CO2 emissions annually. Sustainable and for the humanitySolarCube distributes lights in regions of extreme poverty, where people are most vulnerable. Working alongside communities and women in local villages, the company works to create economic opportunities for long-term sustainability For indoors and outdoorsSolarCube keeps a minimum 50% battery charge even after 2 years in storage! Lightweight, compact, collapsible, waterproof and portable. This solar lantern is perfect to use outdoors and also an addition to any emergency kit for at home or in the car. Specifications Dimension: Expanded: 4.3 inch /10.9 cm cube Collapsed: 20.9 x 11.4 x 1.27 cm Material: PVC-free PET Light color: 10 Warm white LEDs Light mode: Low Medium High Flashing Charging time: Fully charged with 8hrs of sunlight Solar Panel: 160mA 5V Waterproof: Yes Weight: 0.11lbs

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