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This trash bag holder is compatible with all sorts and sizes of bags. Just attach a bag onto the holder using the recess on the holder. This also makes it quick and easy to replace. If you want to separate waste attach two extra bags on the side creating three different trash bags side by side to separate waste. The holder is easy to clean due to the minimal and slick design. Use the included tripod to raise the bag holder higher. The bag holder is available in colors wood and gray.

For many types of bags

Usable with different types of bags, for example the ones that you receive when doing groceries. Easily replace the bags in the holder.

Two different heights

The Waste Bag Holder contains a three-legged standard to mount the trash can on. This makes it convenient to use at a higher level, especially in the kitchen.

Sorting trash

Thanks to the slots on the top you can place three trash bags next to each other. This makes it convenient to sort your different types of trash.

Moderate size

Its moderate size will ensure that it blends into any environment such as your living room, kitchen, bathroom or at the office.

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