eBike |Foldable|: Fold. Pull. Go

by Allocacoc


eBike is a redesigned electric bike like no other. With its unique folding system, eBike stands out from the competition by unfolding/folding in less than 5 seconds! Can you believe that? What is even better is its clever design that makes it small yet fast.

Experience the craftiest electric bike in the market, eBike. 


  • Easy to open 

Did I say 5 seconds? What about 3? In this urban society we need to adapt to a faster lifestyle than before. Think fast and act faster.


  • Compact;

Convenient to carry and store. Perfect for urban communities with tight spaces. Finished using it? With its minimal design it can be stored easily without taking too much space! MAYBE ADD GIF STORING IT?

      >> picture of how compact it is, fold and fold out status

      • Pull it with you conveniently;
      Portable and convenient. With its embedded handle, take it easily once you are finished riding it.
        • Self stand when folded;

        Need a break? Park it and off you go.

          >>> picture standing when folded

          • Lightweight;

          At a weight of under 25 pounds, this outstanding eBike weights one-third the amount of a regular bike! Maybe add photos or gif carrying it through stairs in a city. (We want to show a commuter/urban lifestyle) (appeal to the millenials/hipsters/young professionals)

          • Dashboard for speed display

          Simple and Sleek look.

            • Hidden Rear wheel mechanical brake;
            • 8 inch inflation-free tire;

            • Shock Absorber

            Enjoy a quiet and better travel. Do not let bumps on the road affect your commute

            Create a GIF kind of like this but sideways


                •  Charging port
                Placed in the front pipe for a comfortable charge

                 Technical Specifications

                - colors are grey and black
                - Charging Plug type: EU / US / UK /AU
                - more details on technical specs.
                >>> Details and info about what is what (saddle, dashboard)

                Other important details


                1. Pipe: small: hidden battery
                2. Water resistant
                3. Back brake
                4. Charging port on side
                5. Unfold:
                  1. Separate front from main structure: 2 wheels touching ground
                  2. Pull seat up until it clicks
                  3. Kickstand
                  4. Unfold correctly, otherwise won’t open
                6. Screen for speed:
                7. Fold:
                  1. Lift seat, guide pin with thumb
                  2. Fold until it clips
                  3. Wheels to carry
                  4. 2 pedals folded
                8. A
                9. A
                10. Lighting source: add on


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                Be Bold. Be Crafty. Be eBike

                We need your help

                Our goal is to make the best electronic bike in the world. We believe that biking should be convenient, elegant and fun, for which is important that you help us accomplish it.

                eBike is ready to revolutionize your world. Are you prepared for a joyful and effortless ride?

                 We understand, love, and crave biking. It is not only about getting from point A to B, it is about getting there comfortably and effortlessly. 



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