Allocacoc® FlipGrill |BBQ| Allocacoc® FlipGrill |BBQ|
Allocacoc® FlipGrill |BBQ| $79.95
Easy to Carry Barbecue with Flippable Grill and Integrated Chopping Board Table barbecueThe bottom of the FlipGrill is insulated so that you can place it on a fireproof table without damaging it.Chopping boardThe lid is made of strong bamboo, allowing you to use it as a chopping board for cutting meat or vegetables.Easy to carryThe lid allows you to store the grids in the barbecue. Before and after use of the barbeque you can easily carry the whole set with you. Flip and grill perfectlyThe grids consist of two parts that hold the food in its place. Quickly flip and create perfect grill marks on the food. For example shrimps will not fall through the grid unlike other conventional barbecues. These grids also make it easy to take the food from barbecue to plate.   Specifications Weight: 4.03KG G.W. : 4.7KG Size: L 612mm x W 216mm x H 131mm Material: Cutting board: bamboo, BBQ: iron, FlipGrill: stainless steel, Charcoal grid: stainless steel
CrownesChess - Compact, portable nesting chess set PRE-ORDER CrownesChess - Compact, portable nesting chess set PRE-ORDER
CrownesChess - Compact, portable nesting chess set PRE-ORDER 3 reviews from $55.00
Crownes is a modern approach to a timeless game. Each piece is precisely designed to fit one over the other in sequential order, creating a uniformly compact stack.    A full size set awaits within an efficiently sized solution. Set up, stow away and bring along without compromise. 
FlipBottle |Bapa| FlipBottle |Bapa|
FlipBottle |Bapa| 2 reviews $9.95 $14.95
Foldable. Squeezable. Portable   The bāpa water bottle body is so flexible that there are no corners, allowing you to reach every inch of the bottle for a deep clean. The food-grade silicone (BPA free) is soft and flexible while also very durable. The body can be exposed to temperatures ranging from -40°C to 230°C, while the plastic cup lid can range from temperatures -40°C to 110°C. The bāpa water bottle is dishwasher and microwave safe. The cup has a large opening that can easily fit fruit, crackers, nuts, and trail mix. It's easy to reach your hand all the way in to grab any snacks. Perfect bottle for work, outdoor activities like hiking, camping, the gym, school and traveling.Squeezable bottle you can clean from the inside outSqueeze to Infuse JuiceDishwasher and Microwave Safe Silicone MaterialWide Opening to Fit More than Just LiquidsTwist and Compress in Size to Fit It AnywhereSqueeze Your bāpa for Stress-Relief Specifications Dimensions: 3.34 x 3.34 x 5.7in Material: Lid: Food grade PP; Body: Food Grade Silicone Gel FDA(US), LFGB(EU), GB(CN) approved. Capacity: 370 mL Temperature Resistance: Lid: -40°C - 110°C; Body: -40°C - 230°C Colors: White/Black; Orange/Green Net Weight: 0.30lbs
FoldingFire |BBQ+Grill| FoldingFire |BBQ+Grill|
FoldingFire |BBQ+Grill| $99.95
Engage everyone in a fun grill experience   The secret of this innovative grill is the super alloy blanket. The woven Fecralloy® blanket withstands high temperature corrosion which makes it durable for long-lasting use. Lift the FoldingFire upward or downward to adjust the height for lower or higher grill temperatures. Height adjustment helps avoid overcooking or charring. The foldable grill can be uninstalled from top of the FoldingFire, turning it into a campfire. It is perfect for those who enjoy campfires as much as BBQ! After use, the Fecralloy® blanket cools down within minutes, providing you the complete grill experience, it is also built for on-the-go as it folds up and can be easily stored in your car, RV, camper, garage, or storage closet. Gather around the grill, eat & chatEveryone can sit around the grill and chat face to face while cooking. The fun never ends; turn the FoldingFire into a cozy and warm fire pit after grilling. Every individual is truly engaged in the grill experience, building stronger connections. Unique metal fiber fabricThe secret of this innovative grill is the super alloy blanket. The woven FeCralloy blanket withstands high temperature corrosion, providing durable and long-lasting use. It is ideal to use as a resistance-heating element. It is soft and can be turned into any shape, making the FoldingFire even more portable. Convert into a fire pitThe foldable grill can be uninstalled from top of the FoldingFire, turning it into a campfire. It is perfect for those who enjoy campfires as much as BBQ! Height adjustment for temperature controlLift the FoldingFire upward or downward to adjust the height for lower or higher grill temperatures. Height adjustment helps avoid overcooking or charring. It retains the tenderness of the meat and remains moist. Grill in a healthier way. Setup and collapses within secondsAfter use, the FeCralloy blanket cools down within minutes. No tools needed; quickly fold, store it into a wearable bag and go. Packs up small for easy storage and relocationProviding the complete grill experience, this on-the-go FoldingFire folds up and can be stored in your car, RV, Camper, garage, or storage closet. Specifications Materials: Frame: Metal iron Grill rack: Stainless steel Blanket: Fecralloy® Size: Frame: 69 x 17 x 18cm  Weight: 4.6lbs
HandWarmer Avocado HandWarmer Avocado
HandWarmer Avocado $29.95
Comforting and Warming Avocado Friend With its ergonomic shape, avocado suits every spot, whether it is your hand, your neck or your belly. Charge it for 1.5 hours to enjoy warmth for three hours. Comfortable on the go, wearing it in your pocket or any place you want to warm up. Or use it at home under a blanket. It is made of aluminum to preserve the heat, and it has an automatic protection function to prevent overheating. To switch on or off simply press the soft silicone avocado pit. Great gift for anyone who loves avocado. SOFT SILICON SURFACE WARM YOUR COLD HANDSAllows you to get warm hands on cold days in a short time. The avocado pit switch made of silicon gel is smooth to the touch. The aluminum housing provides fast and even heat dissipation. HIGHER TEMPERATURE IN A SHORT TIMEAfter powering on, the temperature goes up to 107.6°F within 2 minutes, then it will continue to heat up to 136°F. Its overheating prevention feature will automatically turn off the heating for protection. USB-C RECHARGEABLE Its 4000mAh large capacity lithium battery is rechargeable with USB-C cable for fast charging. AVOCADO PIT IS THE SWITCH The avocado pit is a switch that can be turned ON/OFF by clicking it. When turned ON, the avocado pit will softly bright up. SMALL AND PORTABLEIts hand size makes it possible to take it with you on the go, and enables you to enjoy the warmth conveniently anywhere. It lasts a few hours when fully charged. Specifications Internal Battery: Lithium Polymer batteries included Plug Type: USB-C
SolarCube |SolarPuff| SolarCube |SolarPuff|
SolarCube |SolarPuff| $49.95
 The cubical, portable and waterproof solar light   The award-winning best original origami influenced design of Solight Design's flagship solar light has been recognized on CNBC, TED Talk, Wire Magazine, Fast Company, and Forbes. Elegant • Versatile • Innovative • Portable • Lightweight • Eco-FriendlyThe SolarCube |SolarPuff| is the first of it’s kind; solar-powered and engineered to be collapsible with a self-inflating pull open design, waterproof, portable and lightweight, yet durable even in extreme weather- perfect for the travel, outdoor adventures, camping, backyard patio, home décor or emergency kits.Beautiful bright light is evenly diffused by the recyclable PET sailcloth for a unique, clean, bright white light that’s perfect for any occasion, or bask in the soft, golden, ambient glow that will set the perfect mood.Up to 6-12 hrs of light on full charge Features Take it on the goGreat for the hiker, camper, or just the traveler in general.SolarCube is rugged, portable, waterproof, dustproof, collapsible, lightweight and rechargeable. Have fun on your next travel adventure! Safe for childrenMade from non-toxic materials, making it safe for children. Recyclable and eco-friendly, these solar lanterns are not only beautiful energy saving lights, but will help to keep our planet cleaner for generations to come. Extra light in the darkSolarCube is elegant, versatile and stylish to also bring light in the darkness. Capture the warmth of the sun by day and illuminate your world by night. For the whole family in every occasionSolarCubes are perfect for creating beautiful, soft ambiance around your table, patio, living area or in a child room. There’s a light for everyone and every occasion. Increase a good atmosphere with the SolarCube. Save the environmentIf for example everyone in the United States used a SolarCube for just one hour a day instead of a regular light bulb... it would save over 11 BILLION tons of CO2 emissions annually. Sustainable and for the humanitySolarCube distributes lights in regions of extreme poverty, where people are most vulnerable. Working alongside communities and women in local villages, the company works to create economic opportunities for long-term sustainability For indoors and outdoorsSolarCube keeps a minimum 50% battery charge even after 2 years in storage! Lightweight, compact, collapsible, waterproof and portable. This solar lantern is perfect to use outdoors and also an addition to any emergency kit for at home or in the car. Specifications Dimension: Expanded: 4.3 inch /10.9 cm cube Collapsed: 20.9 x 11.4 x 1.27 cm Material: PVC-free PET Light color: 10 Warm white LEDs Light mode: Low Medium High Flashing Charging time: Fully charged with 8hrs of sunlight Solar Panel: 160mA 5V Waterproof: Yes Weight: 0.11lbs

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