FoldStand Laptop FoldStand Laptop
FoldStand Laptop from $14.95
Universal laptop stand with better air flow    FoldStand Laptop big in ease, small in use! The FoldStand Laptop is easy to attach to your laptop, removable and reusable! With the adhesive side you simply stick the FoldStand on the bottom of your laptop. If your laptop has a vent, place the FoldStand under the vent. After you remove the stand, you can use the stand again with the same good adhesion.It’s super easy to use the FoldStand stand; in one second you can open and close it. You won’t have any frustration when packing and unpacking the device because the FoldStand Laptop is attached to your laptop, giving you the same mobility as you are used to. FoldStand has been developed to fold in and out. Unfold the stand for the ideal working height and comfort for a healthy posture behind your desk.With a weight of 65.7 grams and a thickness of 3.04 mm, the FoldStand is barely noticeable on the bottom of your laptop. You could just forget that you are carrying FoldSand with you. With this stand on your laptop, it even fits easily in your laptop sleeve or laptop bag. Thanks to the anti-slip material, your laptop will not slip.The FoldStand Laptop is reusable. Wash it and use it again. The FoldStand’s stainless steel core dissipates heat from your laptop to help cool it down. Specifications Compatible with: All laptops Material: PU Angle: 25° Thickness: 0.2cm
FoldStand StandingDesk FoldStand StandingDesk
FoldStand StandingDesk $34.95
Foldable Portable Lightweight Laptop Stand   MAGNETIC CLIP Unfold the FoldStand StandingDesk and use it as a presentation board. Thanks to the magnetic effect of the stand, you can put on your presentation, telephone or other items on the stand.EASY TO CARRYFolded up, this beautiful and thin mobile workstation takes up less than an inch of space, making it easy to store in your laptop bag. The stand is not attached to the laptop, making it easy to use for other purposes such as a mobile stand for your presentation.ERGONOMICEnsures a good working posture, both standing and sitting, is easy to use, weighs nothing, is very easy to carry and versatile! Sore shoulders and a tired back are problems that belong to the past with the FoldStand StandingDesk. In one simple movement, you can unfold this mobile workstation and place your laptop on the stand. The StandingDesk can be used in 2 positions, so you can always assume the correct posture to work comfortably. Specifications Material: PU Two Levels Height: First Position 7.8in , Second Position 9.84in 
LaptopStand - MOFT LaptopStand - MOFT
LaptopStand - MOFT $23.95 $23.95
Foldable. Portable. Adhesive.   MOFT - World’s first "invisible" laptop stand. Unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, unnoticed when carried. You will never be troubled by forgetting to take a laptop stand when going out, because MOFT acts as a natural, seamless appendage of your computer. It is super lightweight and durable, weighing only 88.72g and holds laptops with screen size up to15.6". MOFT stand is equipped with two elevation adjustments, making it easy to find the ideal height and comfort. Its removable glue lets it conveniently attach and detach from your laptop without leaving a single mark or scratch, re-attaching with the same strong effectiveness.We do not recommend this for laptops which have vents on the bottom as this would block airflow. Specifications Dimensions: W170 x H224mm Weight: 0.19lbs Thickness: 3.04mm Material: PU, Fiber Glass, Removable Glue Angles: 15° / 25° Load-carrying capacity: 18 lbs Compatibility: 11.6"-15.6" laptop without vents on the back Available Colors: Silver, Grey
Levit8 Levit8
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A Flat-Folding Portable Standing Desk    Levit8 is a slim and portable laptop stand. Place your laptop on top and start working away. On-the-go, simply fold it flat and slip it into your bag. Inspired by Origami, LEVIT8 is a closed loop of triangular panels leaning on each other, creating a structure that is able to support more than 20 times its own weight. The traditional bookbinding technique together with a high-performance fabric results in a long-lasting, waterproof and stain resistant Levit8. No parts. No assembly. Seamlessly switch between sitting and standing positions anytime, anywhere. LEVIT8 comes in four sizes with a different color for each size. ErgonomicBy choosing the right size for yourself, LEVIT8 keeps your arms at an ideal resting angle while you use your laptop.Stable and Weight-bearingInspired by Origami, LEVIT8 is a closed loop of triangular panels leaning on each other, which creates a structure that is able to support m​ore than 20 times its own weight. (depending on materials used for final design) Fuss FreeNo parts. No assembly. S​eamlessly switch between sitting and standing positions anytime, anywhere.Slim and LightweightFor true portability and easy storage, LEVIT8 occupies minimal space. Easily slip this table into your shelf or bag when not in use! Durability in CraftsmanshipMarrying the timelessness of the traditional bookbinding technique and a high performance fabric originally fabricated for industrial use, LEVIT8 is long-lasting, waterproof and stain resistant. Sit. Stand. Move. Repeat.Studies have shown that sitting all day makes us less productive and might even shorten our lifespan by increasing the risk of certain diseases even among those who exercise regularly.​Standing all day isn’t the solution, because our bodies are just not built to be still. We’re built to move! Specifications Material Skin: Polyester + PU; Inner: Craft Board Dimensions: S: 9.05 x 9.44 x 9.44 in M: 11.81 x 9.44 x 9.44 in L: 14.17 x 9.44 x 9.44 in XL: 16.14 x 9.44 x 9.44 in Colors: Periwinkle (S), Coral (M), Sesame (L), Sea Color (XL)

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