|allocacoc| @ NY NOW 2019

|allocacoc| @ NY NOW 2019

Introducing… *drum roll please*

  • The LightPillar |Dimmable|
  • LightStrip
  • Heng Balance Lamp Mini

...at the NY Now Tradeshow

Also, Great news! It was the first time we got to display and sell the new Folding Fire onto the US Market. Here's the link: https://kck.st/2TQbcQw

What an amazing opportunity...

We had such a successful experience at 2019, NY NOW Tradeshow in New York.

Our popular light and lamp products sparked a lot of interest and commotion at the tradeshow. The LightStrip, Heng Balance Lamp, Heng Balance Lamp Mini, On/Off Switch, and LightCube were the stars of the show. Guests loved interacting with all of our light and lamp products.

Young, design students took a tour of our booth and got to enjoy our presentation on |allocacoc|’s and DesignNest’s company mission. |allocacoc| and DesignNest strive to help young designers to bring their new ideas and product inventions to life. They were very surprised and intrigued that our products were so affordable, new, sleek, and innovative.

So to come...

Partnering with SoLight Design to participate in a fundraiser campaign; this fundraiser contributes to “raise funds for charity organizations that help over 100,000 people in parts of the world that suffer from traumatic events due to natural disasters - Hurricane Haiti, Earthquakes in Nepal, ISIS and more.” In a world that is so dark, we wish to help bring some light back into their lives.


The 2019 NY Now Tradeshow gave us a chance to learn and grow, as a team, we connected with other passionate professionals and ambitious students. This is what we live for… to inspire, design and create products that help build a better tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more trade shows to come…

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