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Foldable Portable Lightweight Laptop Stand


Unfold the FoldStand StandingDesk and use it as a presentation board. Thanks to the magnetic effect of the stand, you can put on your presentation, telephone or other items on the stand.

Folded up, this beautiful and thin mobile workstation takes up less than an inch of space, making it easy to store in your laptop bag. The stand is not attached to the laptop, making it easy to use for other purposes such as a mobile stand for your presentation.

Ensures a good working posture, both standing and sitting, is easy to use, weighs nothing, is very easy to carry and versatile! Sore shoulders and a tired back are problems that belong to the past with the FoldStand StandingDesk. In one simple movement, you can unfold this mobile workstation and place your laptop on the stand. The StandingDesk can be used in 2 positions, so you can always assume the correct posture to work comfortably.

  • Material: PU
  • Two Levels Height: First Position 7.8in , Second Position 9.84in 

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