TeaCup |TwoCircles| TeaCup |TwoCircles|
TeaCup |TwoCircles| $29.95
The implied meaning of the shade The TeaCup |TwoCircles| is inspired by the cucurbit shape, consisted of 3 parts: cup lid, cup body and tea leaves filter. Cucurbit has been used as a container since ancient times. It is called 葫芦 (Hú Lú) in Chinese, homonymic to the words 福禄 (Fú Lù), which carry the meaning of good fortune and blessing. Double-layered glass insulation materialWith double-layered glass insulation, a full cup of nice hot tea will never burn your hand. The combination of the whole leaf blends, open tea leaves filter and smart pyramidal infuse come together as never before to brew an extraordinary cup of tea. A set of packagingThe packaging contains instructions and canvas bags to prevent damage during transportation. Red TwoCircles - Pink & purple packagingBlack TwoCircles - Grey packaging Specifications Dimension: 57 x 29,9 x 29.9 in Material: Borosilicate glass, Food grade PP Capacity: 225ml Weight: 3,79 lbs

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