Brown Black
Allocacoc® FoldBag |Laptop| $69.95
Four different styles in ONE bag.    Your new favorite bag awaits! Foldbag is your perfect everyday bag that transforms into four different types of bags. Adjust the strap and it instantly transforms to a purse, backpack, tote, or shopping bag. It includes 3 durable zippers that keep your belongings secure and organized. Whatever your style, whenever you need it.  Specifications Style: backpack, shopper, tote, purse Material: PU Product Dimensions: 43 x 30 x 9 cm Product Dimensions(folded): 19 x 30 x 9 cm  
Grey Black
Allocacoc® MAG Wallet $11.95
Magnetic Modular Wallet. The wallet made with a touch of magic.    Split, Snap or Stack your MAG Wallet. This sleek wallet is made to be easily split apart and combined with its magnetic clips. Stack them up, in whichever way you want, and simply flip or slide and pay. Add or detach each module to go from bringing less to bringing more. This pocket-friendly wallet allows you to modify your wallet in any way that is convenient for you. Bringing you a unique pocket-wallet experience like never before. Specifications Product Dimensions: 4.72 x 3.30 x 0.39in (Main) Material: PU
Allocacoc® miniWallet |Expandable| Allocacoc® miniWallet |Expandable|
Allocacoc® miniWallet |Expandable| $9.95
The flat and compact wallet that expands   Looking for a no-nonsense wallet that houses your cards, cash, key, and coins, all in one? Look no further. Meet the miniWallet!The miniWallet is designed to be a wallet that expands according to your needs. With this in mind, an elastic band is integrated into the design to allow this expansion. Its unique wrap design prevents the wallet from being bulky, optimizing its compactness, no matter how much cash or cards you put inside.Pull out your card with one simple pull on the strap. Place the card back in, and fold the strap over the card, securing it with its integrated magnet. Not just for cards, the miniWallet is also equipped with compartments for cash, coins, and a key. Elastic band for extra expansionIt doesn’t matter how many cards and coins you add in the wallet, the elastic band will keep the wallet firmly closed. Pull strap for easy card accessPull out your card with one simple pull on the strap. Place the card back in, and fold the strap over the card, securing it with its integrated magnet. RFID theft-protectionKeep your cards secure in the insulated card-storage compartment, so that no one can steal your data wirelessly. Specifications Material: PU leather Dimensions: Expanded: 190 x 96 x 1mm; Folded: 68 x 92 x 10mm Weight: 40g Colors: Grey, Brown, Tan
Allocacoc® StretchBelt |Frame| Blue
Allocacoc® StretchBelt |Frame| $24.95
Flexible Easy Adjustable Genuine Leather Belt   Comfort fitThe integrated elastic band stretches to adjust to your body shape throughout the day as you sit, stand, and walk. Easy to adjustAdjust the belt with ease and convenience through the tracking system. Two stylesSwitch between the 2 buckles to suit all occasions. Also a bottle openerNot only is it a belt, but the buckles can also open bottles! Specifications Dimension: 125-127.5 (stretch) x 3.2 cm Material Belt: Real leather; Buckle: Zinc alloy Weight: 241g
Blue Grey Grey Black
DAX Wallet (V1) 82 reviews $8.95 $11.95
The World’s 1st Cascading Pull-Tab Wallet.    The first of its kind, the dax wallet allows you to easily access all your cards at once with just a pull of a tab. Thin, yet durable, the dax wallet fits into your pocket with ease. It is compartmentalized to help keep you organized. Hustle faster, go further, and still stay fresh at the end of the day with the dax. The world's first cascading pull-tab wallet! Pull and watch your cards cascade out with a splash of colors! Specifications Materials: Skin: Polyester+PU; Leather (Brown Leather); Cards: PP Waterproof: Yes Holds: Up to 6 cards (or 5 cards + cash)
Blue Grey Grey Black
DAX Wallet (V2) 91 reviews $12.95
The World’s 1st Cascading Pull-Tab Wallet.    Rethink and minimize your wallet, you only need this slim card holder in your pocket. DAX is the first cascading pull-tab wallet in the world. With a simple pull, watch as your cards cascade neatly in front of you. Constructed from an ultra-fine micro-fiber material handpicked for its futuristic quality, cascading of DAX v2 is smoother, straighter, and more consistent. A card slot at the back allows for speedy one-handed access to your most frequently used card, easily separated from the rest of your RFID cards by a quick slide with your thumb.DAX v2 is sleeker with a seamless heat-sealed construction; more durable with the all-new anti-fray microfiber material; stronger with its reinforced form. It is also available in real leather material for an enhanced luxurious feel. Specifications Materials: Skin: Microfiber Leather; Leather (Brown Leather); Cards: PP Waterproof: Yes Holds: Up to 6 cards (or 5 cards + cash) Colors: Mars, Amber, Monochrome, Midnight Blue, Mountain Green, Brown Leather
DAX Wallet PU DAX Wallet PU
DAX Wallet PU $19.90 $12.95
DAX is the first cascading pull-tab wallet in the world. With a simple pull, watch as your cards cascade neatly in front of you. With a splash of vibrant colors, DAX is not only about functionality, but also about the aesthetic experience! Combining laser-cutting techniques, edges are clean and crisp, creating a modern aesthetic. Constructed from durable and water-repellent high performance fabric, it not only looks great, but also feels amazing in the hand. Specifications Colors: Blue, Black, Red Waterproof: Yes Material: PU Capacity: Up to 6 cards (or 5 cards + cash)
Seatbag Seatbag
Seatbag $92.95
A Bag You Can Sit On   SeatBag is the world’s first quality bag that you can actually sit on. Designed to fit with your on-the-go lifestyle that is suitable for many occasions. Made strong enough to carry your belongings and comfortably sit on, but light enough to carry. Providing enough protection to keep your bag looking nice and safe for everyday use. A bag you can sit on. A bag you can sit onSeatbag is the world’s first bag you can sit on. It is designed for a busy city life which is suitable for different occasions. Its contemporary look and multi-function makes it your best choice and perfect companion. Architectural form, large capacityInspired by the honeycomb. The hexagonal design guarantees the largest capacity.LightweightIt is 1.2 kg (2.6lbs). Using fiber cloth makes the bag much lighter than others with the same volume.Anti-theftA two-way zipper with hidden design prevents theft.For every occasionWith the Seatbag you can have a seat wherever and whenever you want!Easy to bring your bottleSeatbag is suitable and easy for bringing bottles on both sides of the bag.High quality fabricIt is made of tear-resistant and waterproof Teflon coating fabric.Security loading weightHigh-strength sheets inside the bag guarantees the high performance in compression and bending.Color optionsSeatbag is available in three colors: blue, black and grey. Specifications Bearing Weight: 220 lbs Carton Weight: 39.26 lbs Color: Grey, Black, Blue Dimensions: 17 x 16 x 7 in Material: Fabric, Polyester, Plastic Packaging Dimensions: 19.09 x 14.56 x 2 in Product Weight: 3.68 lbs

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