Allocacoc® ModularNotebook |e-ink| Allocacoc® ModularNotebook |e-ink|
Allocacoc® ModularNotebook |e-ink| 1 review $39.95
Refillable Notebook with E-ink Writing NotepadThe ModularNotebook |e-ink| is a refillable notebook plus an e-ink notepad to use for a lifetime. With embedded magnets, the notebook securely holds the e-ink notepad and all your important notes in place. It also allows you to replace papers with ease. A hardcover gives you a smooth writing surface to make notes anywhere: on your soft bed, while standing or on your way to work. Use it as a notebook, journal, diary, message board, sketchbook, recipe holder, and more. The e-ink notepad comes with stylus pen. Need a fresh page? Double click the button. Need to edit your note? Long press the button, flip your stylus pen and use the rubber tip to erase any mistake, just like your regular pencil. Double press to erase all notesWith a double-press of the button, you erase all the content.Press and hold to erase notesMade a little mistake? You can hold the button and erase specific parts.Built-in magnet & stylus DockThe notebook is embedded with magnets to keep the tablet and paper securely intact.Compatible with A5 paperRefill the ModularNotebook with A5 standard paper Dimensions: L271 x W181 x H17.5 mm Material: PU, ABSBattery: CR2025Battery Lifetime: 10000h (Replaceable)Screen Lifetime: 50000 timesIncluded: E-ink notepad, stylus pen, A5 stripped papers (30 pages) Available Color: Grey

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