PowerLight Twist - Modular LED Light with Wireless link for sync control and brightness adjustment



Control your light(s) by rotation


Rotate the light itself to turn ON/OFF and adjust its brightness. With two or more PowerLights, you are able to modular combine them with mutual control. The built-in magnets allow you to attach the light onto metal surfaces or onto the included metal plate to stick anywhere. The light is USB-C chargeable.


Rotation for steeples dimming
By rotating (one of) the lamp(s), you can control and dim the light gradually according to your preference.

Modular combination with mutual control
Wirelessly link 2 or more pieces of the PowerLight |Twist| together and operate them simultaneously.

Built-in magnets to attach anywhere
Its built-in magnets allow you to attach the lamps anywhere you want. For non-magnetic surfaces an iron plate is included, allowing you to also mount the light on non-magnetic surfaces such as on a window, wall or door.

USB-C charging
Thanks to the USB-C port, there is no need to replace batteries. You can charge the PowerLight |Twist| via USB-C cable.

  • Power input: 5V 2.1A
  • Power output: 6W (USB-C) / 4W (Battery)
  • Light distance: 164 feet (without cover)
  • Battery cells: 2000mAh (Li-polymer battery)
  • Remote signal: 2.4GHz
  • Lighting Time: 1.5-36h

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