Allocacoc® LightCube |Original| E26 Warm



LED Light Bulb

Directly Dimmable. Gestured Controlled. No extra fixture needed.

This cubic-shaped LightCube allows you to control your light with just a wave of a hand gesture. When you want to set the mood, dim the light by holding your hand in front of the LightCube. With the integrated mounting groove, you can simply twist and lock the LightCube into a lighting fixture. This gesture controlled light fits great with your favorite chandeliers, lamps, or nightlights. Endless possibilities, enhance your home lighting experience.

  • Product Dimensions: 64 x 64 x 70 mm
  • Energy consumption: 5W
  • Power input: AC 100-120V~; 50/60Hz
  • Current: MAX 50mA
  • Fitting type: E26
  • Light output: 450lm
  • Lifetime: 20,000h
  • Color temperature: 3000K
  • Light color: Warm
  • PF (Power Factor): >0.5

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