Mirror lamp II



Adjustable Brightness by Touch Switch: With the touch switch, the operation is easy and convenient, and the light can be turned on and off with a light touch. Long touch can adjust the brightness of the light. Turning on the light again will record the brightness of the last use, remember your habits.

Adjustment: The Mirror lamp has a special flexible rotation axis that can be adjusted by 180 degree rotation.

Storage Space: The base has a storage function with a silicone pad, which prevents the objects you placed on from sliding on the table. The additional storage space allows you to free your desk from any clutter, making it look tidier.

The drawstring switch is more intuitive: The simpler physical rope switch is different from the touch switch of the makeup mirror. The use mode is more suitable for the table lamp. The single pull cord can control the switch light, and the long pull can control the brightness of the light, which is suitable for multiple environments. Like the make-up mirror, it also has a light brightness memory function.

Charging Specifications: This product is USB rechargeable. It can be used be used from 4 to 5 hours after 4 hours charging.

Packaging Details: We are using imported environmentally-friendly \"kraft paper\", which is nice to the touch. The quick-installation guide is already printed on the packaging, which helps to reduce even more the waste of material.

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