Allocacoc® PowerStrip - Modular

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Personalizable PowerStrip with Modular Design


The new era of power has arrived with the PowerStrip Modular. This modern-mixed power strip with a 2ft. cable powers all your devices on an all new level. Its modular design allows you to interactively customize your own tailored source of power. Endlessly snap on different modules to create your personalized PowerStrip.

Modular Socket for different modules to meet different needs
PowerStrip gives you flexible power options by adjusting number of modules according to your needs. Each module carries its own unique function. Enjoy having just the right amount of outlets and power functions.

Slim and sleek: Easily slide into narrow spaces
Expand your home’s connectivity with PowerStrip. PowerStrip fits easily in tight spaces and behind furniture.

Built-in Mounting Groove
The mounting groove allows you slide the PowerStrip into a mounting rail to mount it on the wall or under the desk. Power your devices within reach. (Mounting rail sells separately)

Grace to their modular connector the modules are compatible with all other PowerStrip modules. This allows you to mix and match the modules to create a tailored solution for you.

Childproof Sockets
Spring-loaded receptacle cover plates prevent the insertion of objects when unequal pressure is applied. Keep your child safe with our childproof sockets.

  • Socket Type: Type B
  • Number of Outlets: 4
  • Cable Length: 2ft.
  • Cable Thickness: 3x2.0mm²
  • Rated AC: 15A/125V~
  • Grounded: Yes
  • Child Proof: Yes
  • Module Connection: 2-Pin Modular Connector
  • In the Box: 1PowerStrip|Modular|, Manual

*High-current/Voltage devices such as space heaters, microwaves, toasters, ovens, and pumps are not intended to be plugged in.

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