LightPillar |Dimmable| Standing



The LightPillar shines on two sides, illuminating your room with warm light. All you have to do is touch the top switch to turn on the lamp. If touched longer, the light will slowly become brighter or softer. It’s a vertical floor lamp, but you can also hang it up for a completely different effect, for example as a dining table lamp. Or attach the lamp to the wall to let it shine up and down on the wall. With the included remote control you can control the lamp from your couch.


The dimmable function allows you to use it as a soft ambient light as well as the main light source in a room. Just touch the top at the front and the LightPillar will start to dim gradually; lift off your finger when it reaches the desired level of brightness.

Adapts to different scenarios

It’s not just a floor lamp! When combined with other accessories, it becomes a chandelier, an office lamp and a dining table lamp.(When making a chandelier, you need to purchase accessories separately)


Unlike most lamps that light up the room from just a single point, the LightPillar fills your entire room with light from both sides.

Sleek, aluminum frame (*not all versions)

Its sleek frame consisting of qualitative aluminum alloy makes the LightPillar a modern and durable addition to your home.


The LightPillar |Dimmable| emits a warm light (3000K) that reaches up to 1080 lumen thanks to its powerful 30W LED.

USB Type-C powered (*not all versions)

USB Type-C powered lamp (USB DC 5V).

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2 Year Warranty

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