The Consumer Product Design Platform

Welcome to DesignNest

We help product designers build and sell amazing products.

- We support Designers worldwide creating innovative consumer products and help them scale


- Consumers and Clients & Distributors get access to the most diversified portfolio of creative

and affordable consumer products

- DesignNest is the largest community of young and ambitious product designers worldwide. By

sharing experience, knowledge and network, members learn from us and each other and grow

stronger together.

Why use DesignNest as a Designer?

Use this platform to showcase and sell your innovative products or ideas to consumers and

retailers/distributors. We offer the following services free of charge to designers worldwide to

optimize the product launch process for mass-production.

1. B2B order funding: designers get the unique opportunity to directly get B2B order funding via

allocacoc’s worldwide sales network. Oftentimes successfully crowdfunded projects do not

reflect the potential success in the retail market. Designers receive 1% ~ 7% commission

depending on the stage of the product:

- ~1% idea only

- ~4% working prototype

- ~7% full design ready (including packaging and marketing material)

2. Crowdfunding: designers can raise funds for their product by starting a DesignNest

crowdfunding project or directly link to existing crowdfunding projects such as Kickstarter and

Indiegogo on our platform.

3. Retail: designers can collaborate with our partner We-The-People; a retail store dedicated to

selling innovative crowdfunded products or set up their own DesignNest webshop

4. Portfolio: designers can showcase their product portfolio and, unlike other platforms, such as

Behance, DesignNest gives every design and idea a chance for real orders.

5. Open-platform: our DesignNest team offers free design and technical advice and guidance

to designers to optimize their products and prepare for cost-efficient mass-production, such

services include:

- Prototyping

- Molding & Production

- Distribution & Logistics

- Packaging

- Marketing

- Sales

6. Open-sourcing / Manufacturing: designers are allowed to look for better or cheaper suppliers

or can make use of our in-house production and assembly facilities in case they cannot find

their own suppliers

7. Non-exclusivity: designers are free to sell to any other parties. We don’t require any

commission or fees for your sales

8. Intellectual Property (IP): designers keep their own brand, patent and all intellectual


9. Free co-workspace: DesignNest | Studio | (United States, Japan, The Netherlands) offers

designers free workspace to work on their project. Contact us for more information.

10. Fulfillment: designers can apply for Fulfillment by DesignNest, this means that we will handle

packaging, delivery and customer service for your project

Why use DesignNest as a Consumer?

The DesignNest platform supports creativity and innovations in consumer products. You can fund

products that you want to see exist in the world and support aspiring students and talented designers.

This is the place to explore and buy affordable product innovations and clever ideas from the brightest

creators around the world.

1. Innovation: get access to the latest creative and innovative consumer products

2. Affordable: contrary to popular belief, design products do not have to be expensive.

DesignNest helps achieve that by optimizing products for mass-production and make it as

cost-efficient as possible

3. Guaranteed delivery: DesignNest guarantees delivery for all successfully crowdfunded

projects on our platform. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo), we

review projects for feasibility and guarantee the delivery of the product to the backers.

4. Community: Support, brainstorm, give feedback and partner with designers, students and

around the world talents by funding their projects

Why use DesignNest as a Retailer/Distributor

DesignNest is the one-stop platform to source the latest creative and innovative most complete and

diverse portfolio consumer products for your stores and clients.

1. Complete Diverse portfolio: one-stop to explore and source a complete range of consumer

product portfolio, from mugs to electric bikes, by our own and worldwide community of


2. Sufficient margins: our pricing models provide sustainable margins for resellers and


3. Quality guarantee/warranty: all products go to a thorough review period by our internal team

to make sure that the product is scalable for mass-production. We provide a 2-year warranty

for all products under DesignNest fulfillment

4. After-sales service: our dedicated DesignNest team handles customer inquiries, refunds,

returns and RMA

5. OEM/ODM: product customization is possible, contact our DesignNest Sales team for more


6. Collaboration: we welcome new projects and discussions on how to improve your current

products. Submit feedback or ideas and work with designers on to improve or create a new


What’s in it for DesignNest?

DesignNest originally started as a big marketing campaign by allocacoc, a consumer product design

company. By providing our customers with a continuous feed of new ideas and affordable innovations,

we successfully receive free media exposure for our own products, designers, and brand.

Our current goal for DesignNest is to become the world’s first open-platform as a market place for

product designers. As designers ourselves we want to help and build a community with the most

passionate designers in the world.

1. Marketing: by co-branding we mutually generate exposure for both the designer and our own

products and in-house designers

2. Profit margins: we earn profit margins when we sell the designer’s products to our clients

(designer receives commission)

3. Economies of scale: the more we manufacture and source, the more efficient and

experienced we become

4. Branding: most important is creating the DesignNest brand; becoming the most valuable and

leading brand for consumer product design

5. Protection against copycats: as a community of designers with one large collective portfolio

we can provide better protection against copycats. We stand stronger as a community than

single product startups by individuals and likewise our in-house designs will be protected as


The DesignNest Guarantee Seal

For crowdfunding projects

Most crowdfunding platforms only require that designers make a “good

faith effort” to deliver on their promises. That means they face no

consequences if the project misses its delivery date — or even fails


Designers can apply for this seal and only feature it on platforms outside

of DesignNest, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The DesignNest Seal is

meant to put the backer’s mind at ease – if you order this product on other

platforms, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we guarantee the delivery of the

product once the project is funded, or you’ll get your money back.

Note: all DesignNest Guarantee sealed projects on other platforms will be featured on DesignNest as well,

in order to avoid mis-use.

How to get Started Quick Guide for Designers:

Product designers around the world can join our DesignNest platform free of charge and with no strings

attached and build a portfolio to showcase and get potential funding or orders for their product.

Step 1. Sign up

Create your account on

Step 2. Create project

Go to

Fill in according to the template information about your product, e.g. images, video, renders,

description etc.

Step 3. Review by DesignNest (within 5 business days)

Our team will review the project and check for product viability and if necessary will give

feedback accordingly. Once approved your project will be launched.

Your submission has a higher of succeeding if you send your product prototype to our

DesignNest team. We will evaluate the prototype and perform pricing analysis to understand

if your product is feasible and competitive. After reviewing your product, we will show it to our

B2B client. Your chances of getting a B2B order are much higher if you have a working


The next step depends on what you have chosen as project type in step 1

a. Crowdfunding your product; go to step 4

b. Showcase/sell your product; go to step 6

Step 4. Project is open for funding

The project goes live and is now open for funding from consumers (B2C) and distributors,

retailers (B2B) around the world. In this stage other users can fund your project and leave

feedback. As designer you will manage your own project page and answer any questions. You

can share updates along the way as your invention is being refined.

Step 5. Project funded!

Congrats – your project has been successfully funded. You can still accept orders (pre-orders)

while you work on the production of your product. However, note that we only provide

guaranteed delivery for our own platform crowdfunded orders and orders with DesignNest

Guarantee Seals.

Once the project is successfully funded and the orders are fulfilled by DesignNest, we will

transfer the funds to your virtual account. You can transfer funds from this account to your

bank account. If the project does not reach its goal, we will refund all the backers/funders.

Step 6. E-commerce

Your product is now readily available for purchase. You can directly sell products by linking

your own webshop or website to the project page.


Step 7. We-The-People

You can apply to work together with our retail partner, We The People. WTP provides

designers the opportunity to showcase their products in their worldwide retail stores. See for more information.

Step 8. Sit back and collect money from our B2B orders

Our sales team will present your product to buyers around the world, and all you have to do is

collect your commission from our B2B sales.

How to get Started Quick Guide for Consumers:

To buy a product, make sure you’re first logged in to DesignNest. Once you’ve found a project that

interests you, click on the project page. The status of the project indicates the current stage of product

process and determines its prices

1. Crowdfunding: project needs funding for development; the product will only be produced

when enough orders are placed. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo),

delivery is guaranteed for all successfully funded projects.

2. Pre-order: the stage between crowdfunding and commerce; the product is in the process of

being produced, manufactured and delivered. You can capitalize on this moment by buying

the product for a discounted price

3. E-Commerce / Link to webshop: project is readily available and ready to ship

4. Link to Kickstarter/Indiegogo: the project is being funded on other crowdfunding platforms

but will be soon available on DesignNest

5. B2B: the project is only available for business inquiries

How to get Started Quick Guide for Retailers/Distributors:

Every project featured on DesignNest is available for business inquiries and can be requested

by clicking on the Business Inquiry button. Please fill in the following information so our

sales representative can contact you:

1. Business information

2. Contact information

3. In which countries are you active?

4. In which products are you interested in?

5. Quantity